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Why You Need Google App Engine for Your Business

Google is today a household name across the globe. With the rapid growth of technology, activities and services are becoming digitalized. This makes cloud computing services a necessity everywhere. Businesses are now pegging their growth to cloud computing. These digital services offer benefits such as scalability, security, and accessibility. All these services offer platforms that play a vital role in the business environment. This is because data volumes and transmission are getting sensitive daily and require stable platforms. GAE ( Google App Engine) ranks among the top platforms for this venture. With GAE, you will enable you to build and host web applications. These services also come on a fully managed serverless platform. Please read on to learn more about GAE.


We can define GAE as a service that provides cloud computing and a scalable environment that allows for the hosting and building of applications. With Google App Engine, you have a guarantee of security. It also offers a vast array of services that makes it easy for you to develop high-performance and scalable online applications. Since Google has an extensive and efficient infrastructure, GAE can help you scale the dynamic digital environment that comes with the changing times. Working with GAE is effortless since it allows the developers to manage infrastructure.

How big is Google Cloud?

  • Google Cloud had a 9% market share globally as of the end of 2021
  • The 9% market share values as approximately 70 billion dollars
  • By 2022 we project that the value will increase to over 83 billion dollars
  • The current projection of the cloud market industry value will grow to $377 billion by 2029

On the other hand, GAE has an 11% market share with over sixteen thousand subscribers.

What to benefit from the App Engine:

  • PaaS (Platform as a Service): This service assists developers in creating and deploying scalable apps
  • It offers fully managed servers that provide hosting services.
  • When using app engines, you will get a flexible environment platform that allows you to handle your application infrastructure and server.
  • It also offers support in terms of developer tools and development languages

Is GAE SaaS or PaaS?

PaaS refers to a platform as a Service. Google App Engine falls into this category. In essence, GAE will give developers a platform to create scalable apps and deploy them. The deployment happens on the Google cloud infrastructure. Google App Engine is an excellent platform that helps you to manage custom apps on Google serves.

The flexibility allows companies to focus on developing applications. They will not have to worry about hosting and managing the servers and other infrastructure. So, Google App Engine is becoming the preferred platform for many organizations. With GAE, you are guaranteed stable foundations and streamlined workflows. As a result, they will ensure that they take their product to market faster. This allows companies to focus on essential capabilities and efficiently manage consistent product releases.

Features of google app engine in cloud computing

GAE is flexible because it supports several programming languages. Additionally, you will have access to frameworks and libraries using the docker containers that make development easy. This feature allows developers to build and test their applications locally with the help of the SDK tool. All the supported languages have their runtime and SDK. Some supported languages include NodeJS, Go, C#, Ruby, Java, .NET, PHP, and Python.

The engine allows you to develop and add your applications to the platform as it manages the fundamental infrastructure for you. In addition, it keeps your apps and codes secure from disruption and attacks from malware.

Google App Engine uses the pay-as-you-go model, meaning This means you will only pay for the services you use. The app will scale and calculate the resources used.

Cloud logging and cloud monitoring run simulated scans that help identify bugs. GAE will also provide application reporting documents the developers can use to fix bugs immediately they find them. There are also rules set up to manage access. You will use certificates like TSL and SSL certificates to create firewall systems without incurring additional costs.

The app will automatically distribute incoming traffic to different app versions as a part of A/B testing. It also allows you to do continuous increments depending on the latest app version.

Google app engine advantages

24-hour service: GAE is all cloud hosted and will be available anytime, anywhere. It allows for remote access round the clock. For instance, GAE was the best choice during the Covid-19 pandemic, where the movement was restricted. Developers could find all the needed resources to build and deploy apps easily.

Faster time to market: One factor that measures an app’s success is how fast you roll it out to the market. Suppose you want to beat the competition. You need to reach your customers first. With all the infrastructure and hosting taken care of, Google App Engine is the best platform to help you take your product to market faster. In addition, the diverse functionalities and tool repository help reduce errors and easily identify bugs and how to fix them.

User-friendly platform: For efficiency, the developers only need to focus on writing code. Eliminating all the other burdens of app development and deployment makes work easier. For example, GAE offers server management and configuration. It then makes it flexible for developers to only work on coding. Additionally, Google App Engine will handle the increase in traffic through monitoring, provisioning, and patching.

Diverse API sets: With Google App Engine, you can access in-built services and APIs that enable developers to develop feature-rich and robust applications. Some of them include:

  • File API, XXMP API, Channel API, Memcache API, User API, Fetch API, URL
  • Google Cloud endpoint
  • Page speed services
  • SSL support
  • Cloud storage
  • Blobstore, server large data objects
  • Access to app logs

Increase scalability: With the growth in the plans, you must think of scalability. This factor provides an organization with a competitive advantage and success. Google App Engine provides for scalability. It will automatically scale up the resources whit the increase in traffics and scale it down when traffic reduces.

Improved savings: With the ability to scale resources up and down and the back-end management of resources, you will not need to spend additional funds on management. Also, the cost only depends on the usage.

Smart pricing: The major concern for any investor is how much it will cost to procure a product or service. Google App Engine has two billing systems. They include:

  1. Monthly: This method tabulates all your daily expenses and the taxes then charged to your account.
  2. Daily: This method will charge you based on your daily resource use.

Google app engine disadvantages

Control: The user will have little control when there is a problem with the infrastructure. They will have to wait for Google to solve it.

Customer support: This is a place where Google is not doing well. They have been under scrutiny concerning their customer support.

Porting: There are potential vendor lock-in problems that block application porting. A case example is where a user cannot migrate data to NoSQL servers.

Performance and access limitations: There have been cases where developers could only access the GAE file system’s read-only format. It limits how much one can use the files. Additionally, it is a big hurdle to write to local files.

Cost: Some users complain that using Google App Engine is far more expensive than self-hosted platforms.


Many people are looking for efficient, time-saving software solutions for app development and deployment. But, if you are looking for east and reliable way, Google App Engine is the way to go.

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