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Outsourcing and specifically IT outsourcing is where you get IT and software developing services from an outside supplier by the virtue of a contract with them. It makes sense because setting up an in-house software development team is expensive, time-consuming, and not economically feasible for startups. Information Technology Market in India has flourished and evolved like no other and it has emerged as a massive offshore software development zone for the development of Mobile Applications, Web Applications and other Product Development relates services. While the Major advantage of selecting India as your destination for software development outsourcing is Cost but the benefits are not just confined to it, you will be getting much more than that enabling you to lead the era of technological innovation and competitive edge.

India is facing massive competition from countries like the China Czech Republic, Bulgaria, and Ukraine but it outshines them all when it comes to cost and quality of software being delivered because there is no geographical region that has achieved so much progress in this field. Indian IT companies and firms hire the best experts in Software Development who are well trained and experienced in developing Web and Mobile Applications using the latest cutting-edge technologies.

Let’s look at some of the factors that make India the best choice for outsourcing IT related outsourcing services:

Large Pool of Talented Resources:

India has a huge pool of Software Developers, IT Engineers, Architects, Testers, Programmers, and Analysts, who are highly skilled, talented, and well-qualified as well. The Human Resource in India is being qualified in Next-Gen Technologies like Robotics, Cloud, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IOT), and Mobility. There is an expectation that by 2020 India will have a massive pool of talented and young Human Resources.

Cost Advantage:

We have already seen that India got highly skilled IT resources. The next big thing is that these resources are not expensive. They come at much lower Labor and operational costs as compared to those coming from Europe and the USA. Indian Software Developers provide tailor-made and economic software development packages. They can provide cost-effectiveness as well as highly optimized development models.

Check: Website development costsFluency in the English Language:

In India, English is the second most used language and there is a large population of English Speakers and this number is increasing day by day. Being Fluent in English Language and possessing excellent communication skills means Indian IT resources can deliver the best results.

Next-Gen Technologies:

India has developed skills and expertise in all NextGen technologies like IoT, AI, Machine Learning and Blockchain, etc. India has developed expertise especially in the field of IoT and IA and is believed to be the best destination for these technologies around the world.

It would be wrong to select outsourcing destinations in isolation because software outsourcers are available in all parts of the world. But as seen above India should be your preferred option when it comes to outsourcing software development and IT-related services because of its expert and highly talented workforce and cost-effectiveness. After selecting India as your preferred outsourcing destination you should give due attention and consideration in choosing the right IT outsourcing firm in India that aligns itself and its team with your Project Goals and Business Model.

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