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Top Front-End and Back-End ASP.NET Frameworks

Microsoft is a leading company in the production of tech products, and software, among others. With more fantastic market trends, such companies are working to ensure software and application development becomes much more accessible. For these reasons, this piece bases a discussion on some of the famous, high-end, and latest frameworks from Microsoft, i.e., ASP.NET frameworks. The frameworks come with new and extended features that go hand in hand with industry developments. They have made developers’ work easier through the support of robust deployments, scalable web applications, and the provision of smooth performance in applications.

More importantly, ASP.NET combines several elements that allow developers to be easier, faster, and trackable. For this reason, it comes coupled with a profiler and monitoring experience that estimates performance. We shall therefore dive into an in-depth exploration of both frontend and backend frameworks associated with ASP.NET.

Best ASP.NET Frontend Frameworks

Best ASP.NET Frontend Frameworks


Bootstrap is one of the popular frontend frameworks every savvy developer has come across or used over time. Bootstrap has many reusable features and helps relieve the developer from writing exhausting code. All that developers need is to call the bootstrap CDN link into the code or download Bootstrap locally on the computer used for development. The goodness associated with Bootstrap is the vast attractive styles that shape the website into something beautiful to the end-user. Bootstrap also comes with a grid system that helps divide the browser or interface into various divisions to ensure responsiveness on multiple devices. It also has limitless typography styles for common HTML elements, such as buttons. Therefore, Bootstrap is a good tool for making front-end development easier. It is also a perfect alternative for rapid prototyping.


Speedy development is always one of the greatest dreams for every client. However, that comes with the use of proper frameworks such as Bower. The frontend package tool is easier and simple to use, just with a few skills in ASP.NET. Before using these frameworks, you must install various dependencies along with the package. Installation should always be done within the project. Within the command line, it is also essential to install jQuery.


One of the greatest and easiest ways to implement JavaScript is to use the Jasmine framework, one of the best .NET frontend frameworks. Jasmine provides one of the most straightforward syntaxes developers can adopt when developing any ASP.NET application. It also includes unit testing capabilities where you can execute bits of your code to ensure they are fine.

SASS (Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets)

If you have some fundamental knowledge and basis on Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), then understanding SASS won’t be difficult for you. The framework is an extension of CSS. CSS has many features that make web and application development much more straightforward. In addition, the associated features ensure that developers stick to clean and neat code. Unfortunately, the SASS is always collated into the standard CSS, as most browsers don’t have the support or capabilities to interpret the framework.


There’s not much difference between Grunt and Bower. Both frontend development frameworks support the use of a command line to run. However, the Grunt framework is specific in documentation creation, unit testing, and code linting SASS compilation. Also, like most software and programming languages, Grunt comes with various add-ons and plugins that you should install to make development even more manageable.


Another frontend framework that implements the MVC development pattern is the Angular JS framework. With this framework, you can quickly expand your HTML code to support recommendable and latest capabilities for the current-generation web applications. In addition, angular supports declarative data-binding ability, which is two-way and thus ensures simplification of Document Object Module manipulation. More importantly, the frontend framework has more significant support from different communities, such as Stack Overflow.


In the initial days of its development, the Karma .NET frontend framework held the name Testicular. However, with its continued usage and improvement, developers adopted Karma. The frameworks provide features that allow developers to code unit tests with application code, thus the most significant possibility of simultaneously testing and developing the code. More importantly, Karma supports testing codes with real browsers and actual devices. Therefore, you can quickly be sure that what you are working on appears perfect and as desired on a primary browser within a virtual appliance.


Combining Bower and Grunt will make you feel better as a developer. However, Yeoman comes in to support your entire project with the two frameworks aligned. The prerequisites of the framework are other frameworks, libraries, and Grant and Bower dependencies, among other crucial installations. Of course, you can always use generators to ease the development process .NET-supported applications.

There are many other related ASP.NET frontend frameworks that developers can explore. However, the highlighted ones are just but crucial representations that will guide you in your journey as a front-end developer.

Best ASP.NET Backend Frameworks

Best ASP.NET Backend Frameworks

If you want to focus on frontend development, it will help if you set your focus on the following .NET backend frameworks;


Another fantastic backend framework is Servicestack which comes with a set of other frameworks incorporated. For instance, other entities involved include ORM, JSON serializer, and others. The wide range of integrated frameworks will always have you develop a better-performing .NET application.

Sharp Tests Ex

Sharp Tests Ex has a great syntax that even non-developers can easily understand. Therefore, it is one of the most excellent libraries that can carry all the testing frameworks you wish to use as a developer.


One of the best backend .NET frameworks that developers use to test drive development is the Autofixture framework. It has many other features, such as AutoMoqData, to support backend developers.


With great mastery of ASP.NET MVC development patterns, it is always easy to spend less time on the development of the backend side of .NET applications. Among the crucial reasons behind this is the availability of the ASP.NET WEB API backend framework. The framework’s working principle isn’t any different from MVC; thus, prior knowledge of MVC means smoothness with this framework. Everything you need to work on regarding this framework is code duplication on both MVC and WebAPI since the same class only consists of a different namespace.


Responding to many requests might be heavy to the database and server and, therefore, the need for caching. It is why CacheCow comes in handy to support the manageability of these processes in the backend. The framework provides a better way to change HTTP requests from the client and server. The same happens basically with the involvement of WEB API. The good news to the backend developers is that they only need a few lines to ensure caching is possible for various services that make requests.


Suppose you want a proper way of scheduling jobs for your application under development. In that case, it is good to go for a backend framework that will provide anything up to your expectations. Quatrz.NET is one of the beautiful and choice backend frameworks that will help you schedule jobs for both larger and smaller applications. The framework comes loaded with different ways of running a project. If you are pursuing scalability for the application under development, a perfect option is Quartz. NET.


Another better experience for any front-end developer is using a lightweight framework. But Nancyfx is even more than that. The framework uses a specific procedure for routing with the provision of lambda usage for the exploitation of relative paths.


The MVC model is one of the most commonly used models in development. Adopting the tremendous ASP.NET MVC backend development framework is possible with some model knowledge. For example, if you are working on an application and a client expects to receive massive traffic, you can always work with this framework.


Another backend caching framework is Redis, which is a good option for developers. It comes with a comprehensive and advanced storage dictionary. A wonderful thing about it is the faster and smooth performance associated with its development on different distributed infrastructures. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for multi-server applications.

Windsor Container

If you need a tool and framework fit enough to meet your backend needs, you can always consider Windsor Container. The framework is easier and faster and offers a lot of extensions to use during development.

Common Logging

Deployment while still coding is one of the most extraordinary experiences for the developer. Standard logging library supports such functionality and allows you to deploy the application under development while logging into another framework. In addition, the framework implements other crucial logging entities such as Nlog and Enterprise library.


ASP.NET is one of the most extraordinary development environments that come in handy for both the backend and frontend developers. However, to make development more accessible, it is essential to appreciate the availability of both frontend and backend frameworks in the same space. The frameworks are the ones to help any developer work on their application quickly and seamlessly. Thus, with a more profound interest in .NET applications, you can further explore those frameworks to improve your development strategies.

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