The Ultimate Guide To Develop A Language Learning App

As the world has turned into a global village now therefore the need to learn a foreign language has become more significant. Learning of new language is very important not only for expanding the business to foreign countries as well as for seeking employment and to study in foreign countries.

Why Language Learning Apps Are Important?

In this progressive world, people are looking for different ways to learn a language. The demand for Global digital learning apps is increasing day by day. The global market for mobile education apps has increased enormously in the last decade. In 2011 its market was about 3.4 billion dollars. In 2020 its market is increased up to 37.8 billion dollars.

Factors to be considered while developing a language learning app

In order to develop a successful language learning app first, we must take some basic principles into consideration.

Get User Reviews to know what they want

It is very important to get reviews from the users in order to improve the language learning app. The users must have an option to review courses in the Google play store and also directly in the application. The quality of the lesson presentation is also a key to the success of a language learning app. The quality of the course is more important than quantity because one mistake can lose the interest of the user in the app.

People usually choose online learning over the traditional way because they don’t have much time to take traditional lessons. So our language learning app must be able to teach users the necessary basics and provide maximum loads in a short time. If a language learning app provides students an option to intercommunicate with each other they could exchange opinions and discuss lesson topics. By giving the option of live streaming with teachers we could increase the confidence of the student on our app. it will also increase the interest of students on the app.

Embed free courses and consult expert language teachers

In order to reach the largest possible audience, the language learning app must have several types of courses. It must have courses for beginners as well as for the professionals. We could also use an exciting quest format so that students not only gain knowledge but also have fun.

Highly qualified teachers are most important for developing a language learning app. By hiring good teachers we could minimize the chance of mistakes. The design of the app also attracts the users so we must hire a good designer. A professional illustrator could provide memorable illustrations which would be great for the users. In order to develop a good language learning app, we must add different video contents like fragments of movies or music videos with subtitles.

Utilize a user-centric format

In order to develop a good language learning app like Duolingo, we must take some points into consideration. The format used in the app must be convenient. The content in it must be as diverse as possible along with text, audio, video, pictures, etc. The registration system of the app must also be easy and fast so that users don’t lose much time in answering questions like name and age, etc.

Add games to your app

By adding different games we could make our app more interesting. These games will increase the interest of students and also give them knowledge. We also have to make sure that our application is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

Easy sign-up and registration

When we first start a language learning app sign-in option appears. By providing general information like name, gender, age, email, etc we can create our account. After signing in to the account user has to choose the language which he wants to learn. Then the user has to set a daily goal that how many minutes he plans to study. If the user knows the basics of language a test will identify which level or lesson is better to start with.

A good language learning app like offers different kinds of lessons. In a task, the user is given a few words in two languages ( native language and one which he is studying). The user has to make correct pairs of these words. In another task, the user has a set of pictures with a brief description in the language he is studying and he has to answer a question. Another task could be to select the correct translation between two sentences. In a task, students have to read the phrase into their own language and translate it in a correct accent.

Cross-platform compatibility

There are four major steps required for developing a language learning app. First of all, the app must be compatible with a variety of devices so iOS and Android development are important. Then backend development is required then in order to test the app QA engineering test occurred. The last step is the publication of the language app.

Estimated Cost for a language learning app

Usually, it takes approximately 1000 hours to develop a language learning app. In the US average cost for developing a language learning app is approximately from 30000$ to 100000$. Some of the most popular language-learning apps are Duolingo, Bussuu, Memrise, and Babbel.

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Originally published at on September 28, 2020.



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