The Ultimate Guide to Cloud Migration :

  • It is essential to comprehend the difference between the current environment and the Google cloud. The source environment can be private hosting or on-premises.
  • It is also required to identify workloads that require migrating. Start the process by classifying workloads as either cloud-native or legacy.
  • Check the maturity level of the organization to check suitability for cloud technologies.
  • Get familiar with different types of migration approaches and tradeoffs.

Checklist of cloud migration:

  • Categorizing workloads
  • Choosing an ideal cloud provider
  • Appointing a team (in-house or outsource)
  • Estimating cost
  • Keeping in touch with stakeholders
  • Creating a migration roadmap
  • Establishing team skills
  • Selecting the best cloud migration tools
  • Creating KPIs for migration
  • Executive migration
  • Maintaining and managing cloud

Step-by-step guide:

Prioritizing requirements:

  • Some common questions that must be asked are:
  • What is your reason for moving to the cloud?
  • What do you expect from the cloud?
  • Which cloud strategies are best suited to satisfy your business requirements?
  • What are your server, performance, and security requirements?

Find a suitable cloud provider:

  • Storage capacity they are offering
  • Compute of the providers
  • Corresponding reach and market share
  • Price model and their level of flexibility

Make a decision about cloud migration style:

Hybrid cloud:



Communicating with Stakeholders:

Selecting cloud migration tools:

Application and data migration:

Ensure security:

  • Uptime performance
  • Identifying, analyzing, and fixing utilization and security gaps
  • Mapping memory utilization of virtual machines




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