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Offline-First Apps

The world is currently advancing tech-wise, and a range of products are already in the market for use. The use of these products sometimes demands online services, which might be crucial to meet at times. Using most mobile and web applications can be critical, especially when there is no means to access the internet. With some undesired restrictive access to online services, there comes a need to strategize on a proper way to maneuver offline. Sometimes, the network can be so down; hence surfing through the internet can be so tiring.

Constant frustrations through online mobile applications redirect the users towards seeking corresponding offline versions. The offline first apps act as a rescue in cases where the internet is slow. It gives the users as access to the app resources even without the internet. Therefore, we shall explore more on offline app development and how they are essential in corresponding users’ daily lives.

Understanding offline-first apps

Reasons why you should design an Offline-First App

Therefore, most developers are slowly adopting the process of developing offline-first applications. The case is more common in instances where there is no substantial or reliable internet connection. By developing offline first apps architectures, the end-user enjoys several advantages: cut-down costs, reduced data usage, battery saving, and much more. Many benefits result from using offline applications. Currently, most people prefer using most offline-first services because they are efficient, and one can access anything at their own time.

Learning to develop offline-first applications is essential for anyone willing to generate a great user experience for the end-users. It is a better choice, especially for those residing in areas where internet services are low. For instance, learning applications or any other related application requires consistency, and using online apps can be limiting. The offline counterparts offer limitless access to every resource in a given niche. Therefore, such experiences give offline-first apps an upper hand over the online applications.

Offline applications reduce most frustrations that come with the online counterparts. For instance, when you are undertaking a serious study through an application, and the internet suddenly goes down, you will get frustrated and even require to start everything all over again. But having two similar applications on your device (the offline and the online version) enhances your access to resources within the application. When the online application fails, you can resort to the offline version.

Offline applications with the current generation

The operation of online applications is understandable and straightforward. Usually, data for the application is located on its constituent server, and therefore, every piece of information about the application is centralized. With such an approach of storing app information, the user enjoys smooth synchronization with the availability of an internet connection. On the other side, offline applications need no constant updating. Therefore, there is no need to request updated information from the server time after time. A whole set of data needs to ask is thus stored on the device the user runs. Therefore, the user accesses the already downloaded information that is made available on the device.

Techniques for developing offline app architecture

Balancing between the offline and online sync

Storing data offline

Extra control at no additional costs and ensures each user a perfect experience with applications.

Factors to consider when developing offline applications

  • Outlining your best adaptable strategy and identify how to cache your app data
  • Establishing a reliable caching method
  • Establishing solutions to resolve data conflicts

Tools and frameworks for developing offline first applications


Progressive Web Apps

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Couchbase Mobile

Polymer AppToolBox


Other tools serving similar purposes include Mapbox Mobile, Realm Mobile Platform, Cloudant Envoy, Service Workers, among many more.


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