The Process of Hiring Full Stack Developers for your next project


To develop websites and applications, most companies seek the expertise of developers or remote programmers overseas. It is hard to find developers who have the expertise you require and have an adequate experience level.

Are you that investor who is finding it hard to look for the right developer for your business to get proper results? In this article, we will give you tips on how you look for an expert programmer.

Full-stack programming or development has been on the market news for a while now. This development has been on the news ever since the US Bureau of Labor predicts that the need for full-stack development will exceed eight hundred and thirty-five thousand by two thousand and forty.

In the globe today, there are over twenty-six million people who are developers. And by two thousand and twenty-three, this number will increase to twenty-seven million people.

Before we can dive into hiring full-stack developers, we need to understand what a three-tier architecture is.

The presentation layers provide the correlation to user interface issues and providing the end-user with data.

Business logic layers. This later deals with the processing and validating data to create relevant information.

Data access layers: this section deals with the storage of data and data persistence.

You will need a developer who has these three layers, and there is only one who will manage them in full-stack developers.

Who are full stack developers?

Full-stack developers can maintain and create components needed for a web application to be successful in general knowledge. These components belong to back-end layers and front end layers.

In other terms, these are people who can develop a website that is fully functioning for desktop and mobile functions.

They have the skills and understanding of back-end and front end around the servers and much more. By defining a stack developer as such, it doesn’t mean that they are masters in what they do. Moreover, they have a wide knowledge of what they are doing.

All stack developers are not the same. They have varying knowledge that split into two ways. That’s

  • Their ideas relating to technology
  • Understanding of specific stacks.

Popular web stacks include MEAN, LAMP, ASP.NET, and ROR.

As an investor or person recruiting, you have to understand that he will not have all the fields when you recruit someone. The recruited will have more knowledge in one area than the other.

Those people will have a lot of experience in the back end stack layer than the front end stack layer. But you shouldn’t get disappointed because most programmers can learn new skills within a short period.

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Web development trends

Below are some of the stack layers.

This part of the stack layer incorporates all the visual sections of the website. There are three types of technologies used to create these user experiences. That’s to say, HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

While hiring a person who has good skills in this kind of later, always ask for their previous projects and see what they have done. Make sure that their previous work is excellent and attractive.

It incorporates all the components working and parts of servers. An end-user can not see this part. But even the mightiest apps can run without these futures.

This part covers the logic part, caching, and database maintenance. It is more technical. When hiring someone based on back-end skills, look for the previous work, mostly the API documentation and design. At this point, ask for assistance to verify these skills if you do not have the expertise in this field.

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These are activities that refer to the actions that developers need to manage and acquire the servers. The people who can work in this area have the responsibility to create, manage databases. And caches. One can assess the person’s work but visiting the person’s previous works. In case you do not have the expertise in reviewing these kinds of skills, you need to ask for assistance from an expert in this section.

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When must you hire stack developers?

When you are almost rolling out the company operations

It is advisable to begin a fresh web page with only one stack developer to create solutions for problems from scratch. They can lay apps where they need to be.

One can hire stack developers when he wants to oversee the new project’s development and coordinate the work’s progress.

You can also hire full-stack developers when you are looking for talented people for a particular project. It is advisable to recruit one when your team does not have a leader. This stack developer will help to oversee the project.

As a business owner, you need someone who has vast knowledge in all sub-layers and layers of the stack. It will make that the project is running smoothly. Full-stack programmers can do all these tasks mentioned above. So if you need an expert in such a field, do not hesitate.

Recruit full-stack programmers when there are cost constraints.

When you have a fixed budget, you must consider the option of recruiting a stack developer for a particular budget. When you do not have stack developers, there will be more developers in your project. But your project will not go as you need it to move. Those developers will have to keep on communicating with each other such that the work gets done. In this case, one will have to hire a person who will be the leader, and one will also incur costs that they did not plan for. Hence developers waste a lot of time during this process.

If you require minimum viable products (MVPs) to solicit funds, full-stack developers are the right people for the job because they will ensure that the job is complete.

If you are that manager who does not have the skills and requires someone with skills in developing websites, look no further, and recruit a stack developer. You can hire him for s position of CTO. This individual will make sure that your technological areas work properly without or with minimal loss.

Hiring full-stack developers.

Below are some of the skills that one needs to know when recruiting a full-stack programmer;

  • Hire full stack developers who are willing to learn new skills.
  • Hire someone who knows how to differentiate between technology and stacks.
  • Recruit someone who has ideas about the latest trends and technology developments.
  • Get someone who has an idea about the business and knows what a customer wants and how to interact with them.

Below is the process in which you, as an IT business owner, should know.

  • The stack programmer should understand HTML, JavaScript technology, and CSS fully
  • A stack developer should know about database development.
  • Should understand what version is and how to update it.
  • Hosting and deployment knowledge.
  • Cloud and server testing knowledge
  • API integration.

The basic skills to look for in a stack developer.

  • Communication skills are good.
  • Check if the person is flexible.
  • Ensure that the person can work with a team without having any cultural issues.
  • Check if the stack programmer can deal with uncertainties.

The technical skills that stack developers should have.

  • Try to inquire about the previous projects that they have handled before.
  • Try also to find out they have been handling those projects.
  • Ask them to provide you with the source code they have worked on in the previous projects.
  • Ask someone who has experience with source codes to review if the source codes are correct and of good quality.
  • I have two options: sending the candidate’s test papers or reviewing previous projects, then you should go with the second option.


Many times, we think or know that the process of hiring full-stack developers is very hard. One has to find someone who best suits the kind of project they want the stack developer to do.

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