The Process of Hiring Full Stack Developers for your next project

Who are full stack developers?

Full-stack developers can maintain and create components needed for a web application to be successful in general knowledge. These components belong to back-end layers and front end layers.

  • Their ideas relating to technology
  • Understanding of specific stacks.

Web development trends

Below are some of the stack layers.

When must you hire stack developers?

When you are almost rolling out the company operations

Hiring full-stack developers.

Below are some of the skills that one needs to know when recruiting a full-stack programmer;

  • Hire full stack developers who are willing to learn new skills.
  • Hire someone who knows how to differentiate between technology and stacks.
  • Recruit someone who has ideas about the latest trends and technology developments.
  • Get someone who has an idea about the business and knows what a customer wants and how to interact with them.
  • The stack programmer should understand HTML, JavaScript technology, and CSS fully
  • A stack developer should know about database development.
  • Should understand what version is and how to update it.
  • Hosting and deployment knowledge.
  • Cloud and server testing knowledge
  • API integration.
  • Communication skills are good.
  • Check if the person is flexible.
  • Ensure that the person can work with a team without having any cultural issues.
  • Check if the stack programmer can deal with uncertainties.
  • Try to inquire about the previous projects that they have handled before.
  • Try also to find out they have been handling those projects.
  • Ask them to provide you with the source code they have worked on in the previous projects.
  • Ask someone who has experience with source codes to review if the source codes are correct and of good quality.
  • I have two options: sending the candidate’s test papers or reviewing previous projects, then you should go with the second option.


Many times, we think or know that the process of hiring full-stack developers is very hard. One has to find someone who best suits the kind of project they want the stack developer to do.



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