The Process of Building Serverless Architecture for Web Applications

Serverless Architecture for Web Applications

A development team that considers a serverless architecture mandatory has to give much into the cloud architecture. Therefore, the process of building serverless architectures for website applications calls for a deeper understanding of the entire process of building apps with serverless architectures. In this piece, we shall take through a set of stages crucial in making both the frontend and backend of the model of a serverless application. We shall also zero down to opportunities that come with serverless architectures in building these applications, including common limitations that go with them. But before that, let’s delve into a deeper understanding of serverless architecture.

Understanding the serverless architecture

BaaS — Backend As A Service

FaaS — Functions As A Service

Serverless Architecture

The use of Serverless Architectures in building applications

Advantages of Serverless Architecture for Mobile App Development

Simple structure

Reduced developmental costs


The working behind serverless application models

Identifying the best provider for your web application

There are the following best leaders in the market of web app development through serverless architectures. It is worth a try. Another crucial entity in this list of cloud providers is the Google application development platform, a friendly platform for startups — it has affordable computing costs and better pricing policies. IBM is a top resource for enterprises with a significant consideration on C and C++. Amazon web services are renowned and leading cloud infrastructures boasting the most excellent serverless development tools.

Deployment of serverless web applications

Infrastructural limits

Different providers have different maximum runtimes, storage space, computing speed, and processing power. For instance, within AWS’s Lambda documentation, you will find that restrictions occur on the maximum space limits, runtime, CPU availability, and more. Similar conditions stretch out to other providers like IBM and Google.


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Originally published at on August 23, 2021.

Aalpha is specialist India based Software Solutions company providing solutions for Web and Mobile development,

Aalpha is specialist India based Software Solutions company providing solutions for Web and Mobile development,