The Process of Building a Marketplace Website & Pricing Guide

Building a Marketplace Website

The current world necessitates that most of the business takes a different track to online platforms. Even as most people appreciate the transition into online forms of trading, the onset of COVID-19 permitted most to conduct online businesses widely. Therefore, it has become a norm for the market and the market. With many people considering a substantial online presence in marketing and shopping, it is essential to establish techniques to transform the online sphere into a more significant and dedicated space for marketing. For this reason, in our piece, we shall delve deep into the whole process of building specifically a marketplace website and the estimation of prices for the same.

You don’t necessarily need to have goods to build an online market — there is more to building an online market than just goods. It is, therefore, crucial to understand that even without goods, you are good to go. All you need is to offer users the goods from other people and make transactions simpler for them. Let’s zero down our discussion to creating an online marketplace website. What do you need to start building a marketplace website? Goods? No! here is an idea on how you can make a marketplace website a success.

Starting an Online Marketplace Website

Your desire to start building an online marketplace website commands that you stick to several steps. We will delve into each stage accordingly. Let’s set off with research and validation of your idea.

Getting the idea

Deciding to create an online marketplace website is as easy as waking up and commanding a thing to happen. However, it is not just enough to wake up on an idea; you know not more about its implementation. Therefore, it is essential to understand that before going for a marketplace or platform you have in mind for the right choice, you need to research the demand of your intended website marketplace. Is it fit for a good order? It is here that the value proposition for potential customer sets in to prove its necessity.

What do you go for to go into a development sphere with greater demand? A better response would be, “Solve a problem.” Suppose you have a problem with you that you intend to solve through a marketplace website. In that case, it should take extra effort and research to establish competitors and kings of the market in the sphere you want your marketplace website to operate. Stiffer competition almost fades away with the redefinition of your idea and zeroing it down to a specific niche — it is here that you need to focus.

Understand the target audience

Your first goal for creating a marketplace website will most likely be to reach out to the desired audience to succeed in the online business. Therefore, it is more important to ensure more significant consideration of what audience you will deal with within your marketplace website-knowing your audience also calls for extensive research. It would help if you took much of your time and effort to segment an audience, write down a list of expectations from your possible audience and identify how you can turn them into features that you can incorporate in the marketplace website.

Validation of your idea

If you have an idea already with you, you mustn’t skip out on its validation. Validation ensures that we are sure of the direction we take when building the marketplace website. Validating the idea requires that you understand the usability of the product you want to make, the feedback from a segment of possible customers, how customers understand the product you want to develop, the size of the market, and the dependency on external resources among more. Once you have answers to them, you can be sure of your idea. A better approach to answering and answering validation requirements is to perform a brainstorming session with a partner and even seek feedback from potential customers.


Another crucial stage for the development of your marketplace website is the planning stage. Therefore, you must organize the planning stage in an adequately defined way as it is the foundation of your desired marketplace website.

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How to Build a Marketplace Website

Building a marketplace website takes two approaches. The two approaches include developing a marketplace website from scratch and developing it from an existing one. The choice between the two majorly relies on the advantages and disadvantages that come from either of them. Notably, each of them comes with pros and cons. Development on the platform becomes a more excellent choice in cases of limited resources and where you need to your marketplace website up and performing as soon as possible. Building a marketplace website seems easier and consumes lesser time. Let us flip the coin and get more into the other approach of development — from scratch.

How to build a marketplace website from scratch

Prepare a prototype and test the idea

Before you decide on anything else, you must create a prototype of your idea. It calls for the generation of a visual model, and you can do it with an ordinary pen and paper. Alternatively, you can sketch designs from appropriate software. Prototyping commands a predetermined specific skillset and might consume enough of your time. It would therefore help if you considered a company to help you design a masterclass marketplace website prototype.

Prepare the project documentation

Having the idea and prototype with you would help redirect your idea to project documentation — another crucial stage. It is through the documentation of your website that intended users will understand its requirements.

With project documentation, you will need to provide a detailed overview of the marketplace website you desire to develop. The documentation will highlight the website’s features, design, complexity, and more requirements. The dedicated development team will also learn their expectations from the user.

Create the website minimum viable product

Starting with a minimum viable product helps you validate the market idea and reduce time to the market. It will ensure that the marketplace website had enough functionality to bring in users and collect enough feedback.

Develop a Marketplace Website MVP

Start with MVP (minimum valuable product development), which enables you to validate your marketplace idea. It also reduces time to the market with minimum investments. The core idea behind the MVP is to make a marketplace website with enough functionality to attract early users and collect initial feedback. If you desire your marketplace website to make profits, you can consider including crucial features such as real-time chats and payment system registration, among others.

Expand Your Online Marketplace Client Base

After you finish developing your website, it’s time to expect buyers and sellers to sign up. It takes extra effort to create a good client base. Establish ways to reach out and attract more users.

How much does a marketplace website cost?

Mostly, the development cost to ensure your marketplace website is up and running relies on the development and non-development time. The online marketplace website cost ranges from $30,000 to $200,000. However, everything relies on the functionalities behind the website. If you have a proper estimate of the time needed to build your website, you can easily calculate the costs required for the website.

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Creating a marketplace website is a step-wise process that commands a bit of knowledge of what you desire to build in the first place. The above guide is a guide to maneuver through the entire process and generally establish the reasonable costs for building a proper marketplace website. More importantly, consult with a highly professional eCommerce development company to develop a marketplace website that stands out from the rest in the market.

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Originally published at on September 2, 2021.



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