The Difference Between Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS

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Remote work is upscaling, especially with the rise of a pandemic that has hit the world at large. The cloud market is even becoming more common as most of the things are done over the internet. And businesses must continue courtesy of all these public cloud platforms. Many companies, institutions, and organizations are now setting their focus on different cloud providers basing on their capabilities and effectiveness. Moreover, these platforms are just but a way of offering value in the long run. Therefore, many organizations face critical decisions when deciding the kind of platform that will give the best. This piece focuses and runs a comparison between renowned cloud platforms. In the end, every organization should be in a position to establish which is the best between Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. Moreover, these platforms are the best in cloud computing technology.

There has been a notable comparison between the three platforms since they are the huge ones in the cloud computing sector. Each of them has been soaring to greater heights to give the best services to customers. The decision on whether an organization should choose AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure lies within the organizational business needs and functional requirements. We shall, therefore, consider the clear cut differences that create boundaries between AWS, Google Cloud, and Azure.

An Introduction to the Cloud Services

All three were declared the best providers of cloud services, and therefore competition between them arose-each of them focusing on beating the others to provide the best to customers. But the decision of the best platform lies on what services cloud platforms can provide, the features of cloud platforms, and much more.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Users of AWS

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Advantages of AWS

Handles critical workloads effectively

Provides customizable services

Disadvantages of AWS

Compromises service quality when advancing and launching new services to compete in the global market.

Microsoft Azure

Users of Microsoft Azure

Advantages of Microsoft Azure

Provides solutions to a greater scale with emphasis on scalability factors

Disadvantages of Microsoft Azure

Overlooking challenges

Google Cloud

Users of Google Cloud

Advantages of Google Cloud

Google Cloud has a flexible cost structure

Disadvantages of Google Cloud

Immaturity of procedure and processes

Provides fewer services

Comparison of services provided by Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS


AWS Compute

Azure Compute

Google Cloud Compute


Amazon AWS Storage

Microsoft Azure Storage

Google Cloud Storage

Pricing models

Amazon AWS

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Platform


More importantly, after conducting a thorough analysis of the platforms, you can now be free to choose the best and get ready to enjoy the services of your choice. Again, it is essential to understand when to choose between the three platforms. Notably, when do you choose Google Cloud, AWS, or Microsoft Azure? These majorly rely on several factors. This piece has highlighted some of the factors that are notably proficient and productive when it comes to choosing the best platform between the three.

If you are seeking a Google Cloud platform that provides extensive cloud services and tools that helps to reach the maximum, then you can opt for AWS.

Additionally, if you are have run operating systems such as Windows and if you commonly rum Microsoft applications, then Microsoft Azure is the best for you.

More importantly, google cloud is a more viable option in comparison to Azure and AWS. Usually, the cloud provider is fit for small startups that are oriented in a web environment. Ultimately, do you need to achieve the best when it comes to machine learning? Then Google Cloud should be your immediate choice.

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Originally published at on September 23, 2020.

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