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Launching a Mobile App

Developing a new application to serve a specific purpose is not easy. Right from collecting the requirements to the final stage of operating and maintaining the application, you must consider various factors. However, with the development of applications, you will often never miss the step of launching the mobile application. You can guess it as a crucial process that demands a lot of dedication. Having finished your development process, you do not have to relax — it is not time to relax yet, and you have to launch the application. It is a critical process ahead and calls for consideration of some of the most crucial steps. Considering that you have come along away with a unique application idea, you have to do everything keenly to not render your efforts useless at the end of the developmental process. For your apps to stand out, you have to do just a lot — there are perhaps millions of other similar applications on the app store. You can know that while launching your application, you are entering and strictly competitive environment. Therefore, set your strategies right and venture into the competitive platform with properly defined plans to launch your application.

If you wake up someday and opt to launch your application unprepared, you will often have a tale to tale. You will encounter challenges with costs and may deliver your application to the public with uncorrected bugs. Equip yourself with a crucial marketing plan before quickly entering the pre-launch phase.

The following are some of the most critical steps you should always keep in mind when launching your mobile application. Are you set?

Launch a related website

It is always essential to accompany your mobile application with a responsive website. The primary aim of such a website is to substantiate the role of the application. Think of it from this perspective — that there are users who preferably use websites over applications. On the other hand, there are other users with a greater preference for mobile applications. Therefore, when launching the mobile application, think of the user’s preferences. Provide them a second option — a dedicated website. It is also essential to note that it does not just create a dedicated website as a substitute for the app. Critical considerations when making the website include ensuring that the website is sound, appealing, and welcoming to potential customers. It is also crucial to incorporate some of the incredible features, such as web push notifications that link with your application. Standard features preferable for such websites include the application’s logo, a section to allow signup for application notifications, support for social media integration, among other crucial necessities related to the application. After launching the application, you can also consider a few adjustments to the website. For instance, you can also add some links that redirect users who prefer the alternate application to the app store.

Perform beta testing

At times, you may not necessarily need this step, but it is essential to consider creating a beta version of the application. With beta testing, you will understand and ensure the entire application’s proper functionality while taking note of any bugs or possible errors likely to bring faults at a later stage. Beta testing involves assessing some of the most crucial areas, such as logical gaps and UI/UX issues within the application. For the beta testing stage’s success, you should consider some powerful and popular testing environments. TestFlight is one of the common platforms where you can test your beta version. At this stage, it is also essential to incorporate other beta testers to help you in bug rectification while launching a new predefined and error-free version of the app. Assess each of the beta testing reports and find a better team to help fix most of the issues.

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App-Launch Email Blast

There is always a great significance with sending an app launch to your email database. Reaching out to as many people as possible is essential. You can also consider some of the crucial strategies at this stage, such as offering special bonuses to the newly launched application’s first-time users. Also, use a language that can entice most potential users to download the applications and often accompany such a token for them-some of the crucial things to consider when sending emails to ensure attractive subject lines. Also, be more personalized and specific in your greetings. People will always have greater chances of opening emails, which pop up with some of the best and attractive subjects. Other crucial strategies you should always consider when email-blasts include:

Proposing valuably

Everyone loves valuable things, and therefore, you must express the value of your application. In your email, you must tell about yourself vividly while letting the users understand some of the expected benefits they will gain with downloading and using your newly launched application.

A powerful call to action

Sending emails to potential customers or users does not just serve as an announcement of a new application’s arrival. It is entirely more than that. Your app launch emails should also ensure that greater focus goes to the call to action. A powerful CTA will always drive potential users into downloading the application almost immediately.

Create a small informative video about the application

Your text in the email is not enough to capture the interest of the potential app user. Even though creating captivating content has excellent power in convincing users quickly. However, the inclusion of a short informative video about the application would do much better. Such videos expand and explain more on the application, the benefits that come with it, etc.

Press kit preparation

Another essential step that will always be crucial when launching a mobile application is preparing a press kit. Like the email, it too should focus on informative approaches. It is essential to focus on some of the crucial features and significant gains every potential user will have in your press kit. A good press kit should have contact info, screenshots of the newly launched application, the application’s description, etc.

App Store Optimization

Another critical strategy when launching your application is app store optimization. It is essential in different ways. Optimization helps the potential users find the application quickly, perhaps in just a single search. It is a strategic way of approaching some of the tactics to counter stiff competition while reaching out to the target audience. Therefore, it is crucial to establish some of the keywords that bring about the highest traffic and set the way out.

Equip yourself with analytic tools

Analytics is of great importance because it helps you understand how the application will operate in its designated environment. Most importantly, you will be able to track your app’s data, analyze it, and improve your application accordingly. Standard analytic tools include Firebase, Flurry, etc.


There will always be a lot to do, right from coming up with an application idea to launching the final application. Therefore, it is essential to take each stage with greater seriousness and, most significantly, before deploying the application. Therefore, if you did not consider some of these stages when launching your application, you should give them a short the next time you think of expanding that business through a new business application. The mobile application industry is broad and grows daily. With the increased growth, there is complexity and robustness of applications developed. Achieving all the requirements of creating a quality and standard application calls following the basic steps as highlighted above. Keep moving and launch another successful and influential application.

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Originally published at on April 14, 2021.



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