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Recipe App Development Features and Cost

Numerous individuals choose cooking as a pastime or a vocation since it enables them to transform an ordinary meal into a compelling and captivating one. During the first period of Covid19, when everyone was confined to their houses, cooking was the only thing they had in common.

It was precise during these times that consumers discovered the value of so many mobile meal recipe applications. Even today, people, particularly food enthusiasts, like using mobile applications to look for various cuisine recipes. People in the food industry or with a strong interest in this sector are contemplating the creation of their own food recipe mobile applications due to the app’s widespread popularity.

You are on the ideal platform if you want to establish your empire via creating a recipe mobile app. The most significant part is that setting these applications is not as complex as many may believe; all that is required is to contact a mobile app development company that understands your demands and creates an app that fulfills your specifications.

Who Can Benefit from And Invest In A Recipe Mobile App?

There are a variety of individuals that may invest in a recipe mobile app, including:

  • Chefs \Nutritionists
  • Health Trainers
  • Foodies \Startups

App Features to Consider Incorporating Into a Recipe

This feature enables users to sign up for the app using their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts.

This is a critical function for this kind of program, as it helps users to cook without interruption since they frequently need to continually wake their phone displays while cooking with step-by-step cooking lessons.

This feature lets users access step-by-step cooking lesson videos with clear and concise cooking instructions.

This functionality may be included in the recipe app so that users can get answers to their questions via voice help while cooking without using their hands.

This is a continual need for keeping the app’s material updated and evaluated. It enables app owners to manage updates to maintain user engagement.

Filters provide recipe applications with a sophisticated search, sort, and filtering option. In this tool, the user enters the name of a dish or an ingredient to search. In the case of components, the application displays a list of recipes in which the specified item is a primary ingredient. The Smart Search function also displays auto suggestions and may search for recipes based on their qualities (such as low-carb, sweet, gluten-free, etc.)

This tool lets users share online recipes they have tried and enjoyed. Therefore, the app may have a social button so that users can share from inside the app, which enhances user engagement.

This feature enables users to plan a daily meal and add recipes for the next meal they want to make.

Your application may bring users together by enabling them to engage with one another via the community option. Additionally, users may interact by asking questions and exchanging thoughts.

This capability allows users to pay for subscriptions (weekly/monthly/annually), make app store purchases, and more.

How much does it cost to create a mobile application for recipes?

The cost of an app is determined by various criteria, including its features, size, the number of platforms it is designed for, and many more. Consequently, it is evident that there is no standard cost to build an app, but a reasonable estimate may be derived based on the most critical factors that influence the final app cost. And if you want to add additional features and increase the app’s complexity, the price will continue to rise.

For example, producing an app for iOS is more costly than developing an app for Android. Developing an app for both platforms is twice the cost since two teams are necessary to create the app, and therefore the price also doubles. The app development cost also varies based on the location and competence of the developers. Typically, an app development team should include:

  • Project Managers
  • iOS Developers, Android Developers, or both
  • Front-end and Back-end Developers
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Quality Analysis Professionals
  • Marketing Team

The typical cost to design a simple app with minimal features and for a single platform should be between $50000 and $70000. In contrast, an app with advanced features more complexity and for iOS and Android platforms might cost between $100000 and $125,000.


We predict that in the following weeks and months, a growing number of people will give this subgenre a go since developing a recipe app is a beautiful idea for companies, and there is an increasing need for it. The only thing left for you to do get in touch with an app development company capable of turning your idea into a working product.

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Originally published at on August 25, 2022.



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