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Recession-Proof Products You Can Sell Online

It’s hard to do away with a recession. When recession knocks in, many people get affected, especially those in businesses. Recession does not only affect business people, but the economy at large, employment opportunities, real income, industrial production, and overall sales. As a result, it becomes difficult to put up with the financial challenges and meet your financial goals.

Therefore, any business person should be on their toes and well-prepared for such happenings. If you don’t have any measure put in place, you can watch your business crumble in a night or a day. Although you can have some savings in the bank to curb such a situation, it isn’t always enough. The best way to overcome the recession struggles and thrive in your business is to engage in recession-proof products. So, what do recession-proof products entail? What are some of these recession-proof products? Keep reading for more insights.

What is a recession-proof product?

The recession-proof products are those product types that remain significant/effective when the economy is falling off, people are experiencing harsh financial situations, and when the economy is still stable.

In simple terms, these are products necessary for the wellness of people, and whether the economy is good or bad, people will always use these products.

The reason why some products are termed recession-proof and some not recession-proof is the change in consumer needs during hard and harsh moments in relation to financial requirements. That is why it is crucial that before you figure out the product to sell online, think of the customer demands, especially during hard financial times. Having that said, let’s find out some of such products you can sell online in the next section.

Best recession-proof products to get you started

Baby products

No matter what happens, a parent will always put the interest of the child at the forefront. Whether economic times are favorable or not, the needs of a baby will remain the same.

Therefore, baby products such as baby soap, shampoo, clothes, formula milk, and diapers, among many others, will always flourish even in hard economic times.

Therefore, if you are thinking of the best recession-proof products to start selling online, you can consider all products that touch a child’s welfare in one way or the other.


Well, even during a pandemic or harsh economic times, the clothing business will still make it through the harsh economy. People will still want to replace their clothes for their families. Besides, people will still hold some small functions such as birthdays, get-togethers, or any other small event despite the harsh economic times. This calls for some change of clothes. Therefore, as part of recession-proof products, clothing is never a miss.

Movies, TV, and video games

There is no doubt that during the recession, people will often spend more time at home to cut on the expenses of going out for entertainment purposes. However, a big percentage of people will the staying home all bored without something constructive going on. This is where video games and movies come in.

Even with a struggling economy, people will look for ways to get entertained and keep their minds busy. So, selling entertainment-based products online is another recession product or niche you can venture in and establish a productive business online.

Consumer staples

Consumer staples are simply products people must use whether the economy is favorable or not. For instance, people will always need tissues, toothpaste, and detergents, among other necessities.

The need for these products does not change even when the economy fluctuates. Therefore, as a business person looking for recession-proof products, you might need to consider consumer staples, and you will never regret it.

Products for exercising

One thing for sure is that during recession times, many people will likely spend more time at home. However, exercise is something vital for human beings. This calls for gym or exercise products such as bands for exercising and mats for yoga, among many others. Besides, during recession times, people need to save more money instead of spending more on gyms. Therefore, investing your business in exercising products is the real deal during the recession.

Pet care essentials

People who have pets and work from home will require pet supplies plenty, especially during harsh economic times to ensure their pets’ lives are in order and that there is nothing to worry about.

This is more like basic human needs, which don’t change with the change in the economy. Besides, while staying at home during the recession period, many people will opt to adopt pets to keep them company and feel comfort. Therefore. Investing in pet care products is one of the best recession-proof products to begin selling online.


Food will always remain a top priority when the economy is doing good and when the economy is doing badly. Therefore, starting an online food service can be a deal breaker, especially during recession times.

You simply need to analyze the market, identify the missing services and start offering such products. Fast foods are the best starting point. Simply come up with a personalized packaging plan that will simplify your whole process and promote you in one or the other.

Cosmetics and Related Services

Harsh economic or recession times don’t mean a person doesn’t need to look presentable. Even when at home, people need to look good and presentable. Good makeover and changing nail color are some of the basics that can make a person look good without having to break the bank. With these products, you will get clients who will want you to extend your services as well.

Therefore, when evaluating recession-proof products that thrive even when economic times are tough, consider the beauty and cosmetic products as one of the options. However, make sure you have adequate knowledge of such products and that you can describe the usage appropriately as a way of growing your brand loyalty.

Automotive Parts and Services

Hash economic times force people to limit certain lifestyles. For instance, during such times, people barely consider buying new cars. Instead, many will opt to do repairs on the already existing vehicles to keep them in good condition.

Therefore, if you have mechanic skills and can offer such services without struggling, this might be a game-changing chance for you during a recession time. While offering the services, sell the automotive parts online as you build your business in a steady manner.


Any business-minded person must be prepared for any positive and negative results whenever they set up their products for sale online. While some products thrive only when the economy is stable, some products can nourish both in stable and harsh economic times. In the recession period, you can consider the above products as part of your business ventures to ensure you don’t invest your resources in the wrong businesses.

Ultimately, consider to build online store with the help of eCommerce development company and start selling the on demand products to generate more profits.

Originally published at on November 26, 2022.



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