Reasons why Agile Transformation Fail

  • Understanding Agile Transformation
  • Main values of Agile Transformation
  • Difference between Agile Adoption and Agile Transformation
  • Why Agile Transformation fail
  • How to prevent Agile Transformation failures
  • Good customer relation over bargaining power of a contract
  • Relationship among employees over the actionable process
  • Quick response to implement changes
  • Agile Transformation involves the process of transforming a condition to a swift and quick change. The process is quite complicated as it requires a positive mindset and the spirit of teamwork in the business establishment.
  • On the other hand, Agile Adoption is the process of achieving agile. In simple terms, it is the process of putting something into action.
  • The Operation of an Organization
  • Preventive Measure to this failure
  • Substituting annual reviews and improving planning performance by open communication frequently with employees on a daily basis.
  • Embracing trust and building responsible employees to create room for independency.
  • It encouraged decision making power and independence among employees by avoiding long organizational processes and bureaucracy. This leads to quick feedback, teamwork, and massive change. In the end, an agile transformation will definitely take the course.
  • Preventive Measure for this Failure
  • Poor Understanding of what Agile is
  • Preventive Measure to this failure



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