RabbitMQ vs Kafka for Microservices 2022 : Aalpha

RabbitMQ vs Kafka

Features of RabbitMQ

RabbitMQ Architecture

When to use RabbitMQ

  • When you don’t have a clear end-to-end picture of the architecture. This is because it’s flexible and can cope with any changes in the structure.
  • Since it does not require you to change the publisher you can use it when you need to dynamically add consumers.
  • When you need to create microservices in different languages since it’s language agnostic.
  • When point-to-point interactions are complex between publish/subscribe microservices.

What is Kafka?

Features of Kafka

Kafka Architecture

When to use Kafka

  • When messages need to be replayed.
  • When the messages need to be consumed very quickly.
  • When you have an application that has high throughput.
  • When you need to process data in multi-stage pipelines.

Differences between RabbitMQ and Kafka



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