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The progressive web apps are application which looks like apps and are developed in the form of a website. These applications are highly user-friendly and provide users with interactive and engaging content. These applications are distributed via the web instead of the app store and these applications have a rapid load time, can be deployed directly, can be accessed anywhere, and are SEO friendly.

Progressive web application development is getting more popular with each passing day and they are highly suitable for your business. The benefits of progressive app developments are elaborated below:

Low Data Usage:

The data packages are expensive in some countries which makes these progressive applications very suitable for users. The progressive web applications consume very low data as compared to native mobile applications. According to stats, a native application consumes 10 MB of data whereas a progressive application takes up to 500 KB of data.

The storage space required for these kinds of applications is also relatively less as compared to other types of applications. It also helps the users in installing various applications without affecting the performance of the smartphones.

No Updates Required

The native mobile applications require frequent updates to be installed on your smartphones which require manual updates or a Wi-Fi connection sometimes. In the case of apps that have been made using progressive web app development technologies, no updates are required.

As these apps are developed as websites, they are updated on-use and unlike native applications, you do not need to update those in the background before launching it. The web app developers are also able to fix issues and bugs at a faster rate and helps users in enjoying an enhanced user experience.

Low Cost

The cost of developing a progressive web-based application is relatively less as compared to native mobile applications. The native apps need to be developed for both platforms used in smartphones nowadays such as iOS and Android and because of this fact, the cost goes up.

Since the progress applications are platform-independent you will not require separate developers for different platforms and can be simply accessed through the web. The progressive web application development can also have a very positive impact on your business and improve the ROI.

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SEO Friendly

Another huge benefit of Progressive web-based applications is that they are Search Engine Optimized. These applications can be accessed and boosted easily on search engines making these accessible for a variety of users.

The amazing load speed also enhanced the search rankings of progressive web-based applications. After these applications are successfully uploaded on the web these are easily indexed as well making them the best choices for developers and businesses.

Business Friendly

The progressive web-based applications have helped several businesses in growth as they provide the users with a fast-loading, seamless experience with low data usage. According to stats, the progressive applications have helped the businesses in a 15% increase in the revenue per visit making them a highly recommended option.

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