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Practo like App Development and Cost

In this technologically evolved society, individuals rely on mobile applications. Therefore, creating an app for scheduling doctor’s appointments has become crucial to people’s lives.

Several individuals dislike going to hospitals for treatment. This is why the need for app development in the healthcare industry is growing. If you own a hospital, you may create an app similar to Practo.

With an app, customers may connect to physicians with a single tap on their screens in the event of any health-related issue. People do not want to wait in line or for hours to get an appointment. Therefore, this is an excellent chance for the healthcare institution to contact its target audience.

Critical Characteristics of Patient Panel

It is an essential component of an appointment booking app. The patient can submit their name, gender, address, age, medical history, and other pertinent information to the treatment process using this function.

Therefore, you should include this functionality while developing an app similar to Practo. To simplify and streamline this process, you may seek the assistance of a react native app development firm devoted to delivering the finest Practo app development services.

The Practo healthcare app features a function that allows patients to search for local physicians and clinics. These profiles contain information about their credentials and areas of specialty, patient reviews, contact information, pricing per treatment, and other facts to assist you in selecting the best physician, doctor, or clinic for your needs.

To design an app comparable to Practo, you must choose an app development firm that provides flutter development services within your budget. This will assist you in creating an app with cutting-edge features and technologies.

This is an additional important function of the healthcare app for patients. This tool allows users to browse a list of physicians, read their profession and book, and schedule an appointment with one of their choosing.

In addition, this function always informs patients of a doctor’s availability and makes appointment booking simple. However, designing an app similar to Practo is not as simple as it may seem. Therefore, choosing a bespoke flutter app development firm for mobile app development services is wise.

With years of experience and extensive knowledge, they will develop an app that suits your business’s needs and facilitates the appointment booking procedure.

This is an additional significant characteristic of healthcare applications like Practo. Thanks to this function, both patients may converse through voice and video chat during a remote consultation. Using this application, physicians can notice visible symptoms, enabling them to make an accurate diagnosis while patients can convey their concerns effectively.

Therefore, you should include this functionality while creating an app similar to Practo. You may also seek assistance from a mobile app development firm for this task. They will provide you with one of the most effective company enhancement options.

This is another essential element a healthcare application should provide. When patients establish their accounts, they access their complete medical records, including medical data and communication history.

Medical records may be shared with another expert, a spouse, or other family members if necessary. Therefore, you should include this functionality while developing an app similar to Practo. You may also enlist the assistance of an Android app development business for the finest bespoke mobile app development services to bring your concept to life.

Cost to Develop a Healthcare Application Similar to Practo

After determining the features of an app like Practo, the first thing to ask is the cost of its creation. Developing a healthcare application is a substantial investment, so you may spend millions of dollars doing so. However, while creating a mobile application, manufacturing costs are influenced by several variables.

According to one theory, developing a practo like app may cost between $80,000 and $120,000. Typically, it might rely on several variables, including the application’s timeline and level of complexity. In addition to design, framework, and functionality, geography significantly affects mobile app development expenses.

Various mobile app development businesses throughout the globe impose varying fees on their customers. The table below can assist you in estimating the cost of mobile app development.

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Country Hourly App Development Cost

  • USA $100 to $150
  • Europe $85 to $120 Hourly
  • India $40 to $60 Per Hour

This material should hopefully be helpful to you. However, it is just a notion and not a fact. Before making a choice, inquire with a reputable mobile app development business about the precise cost of developing the Practo app.

The Final Note

Due to the continuous expansion of the healthcare business, the need for appointment scheduling applications is increasing. Therefore, corporations engage in the development of applications similar to Practo. This will let the healthcare provider interact online with patients.

In addition, it is always advantageous for users since they do not have to stand in multiple lines and wait hours to schedule an appointment with a doctor. With the use of an app like Practo, individuals can contact physicians and discuss their issues with relative ease.

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