Nodejs vs Python a Detailed Difference 2022

Nodejs vs Python Difference

Node JS

Node JS features

  • It is open source
  • Node JS uses one environment JSON communication
  • It is secure and ready for enterprise deployment
  • Node JS is neutral and thus compatible with other programming languages
  • It is fast
  • It uses the Chrome V8 JS engine
  • It is an easy language to learn
  • Node JS is ideal for non-blocking driven and event-based servers
  • It is suitable for developing real-time apps.

Advantages of Node JS

  • Architecture: Node JS supports both single and multi-threaded apps.
  • Demand: Due to its popularity, Node JS has a high market demand among startups
  • Full-Stack: Node JS ensures a similar language on the server and client-side
  • Compatibility: Node JS is compatible with mobile platforms, and I/O-bound apps
  • Easy: Node JS is user-friendly, making it easy to learn and code. Additionally, it will be easy to support, deploy and monitor.
  • Performance: The V8 engine greatly impacts the overall performance of your application.
  • Fast development: When working with Node JS, you will experience a fast turnaround time. The V8 JavaScript engine facilitates this.

Disadvantages of Node JS

  • Skill shortage: There are very few developers that have experience with Node JS
  • Unstable API: Node JS updates APIs without backward incompatibility
  • Immaturity: Within Node JS inventory, you will find immature tools. This is despite the reputation of its stability.
  • Computation: Node JS is not ideal for tasks that require heavy processing


Python features

  • It uses high-level built-in data structures
  • Its philosophy depends on readability and simplicity
  • Python is open source
  • Python is compatible with all operating systems
  • They have comprehensive and extensive libraries
  • You can work with multiple programming paradigms that include functional, object-oriented, procedural, and structured
  • It leverages dynamic typing

Advantages of Python

  • Rapid prototypes: With Python, you can perform rapid prototyping, making it the ideal programming language for developing a minimum viable product.
  • Development: With Python, you can reuse code and use modularity. It also supports test-driven development, making work easier and product development faster.
  • Leading-edge: Python overtook Java as the current top programming language in use. It offers numerous frameworks and libraries to facilitate machine learning, artificial intelligence, data mining, and analytics. As a result, many people refer to Python as the language of the Internet of Things.
  • Portability: Python is compatible with almost all operating systems on the web and mobile.
  • Integrations: Python can easily integrate with third-party applications. This allows python developers to create applications that they can extend when needed.
  • Library: You will find over 200 core modules in Python’s extensive standard library. Additionally, other libraries could be of use to you in your coding.
  • Dynamic typing: Python code is beautiful, courtesy of its dynamic typing. It is one feature that demystifies it from other programming languages.
  • Syntax: Python syntax has a clear indentation that helps developers easily understand the code. It also includes white spaces. Its syntax is also English-based, a universal language that most people can understand.

Disadvantages of Python

  • Threading issues: Python does not support multi-threading
  • Not Natively mobile: We do not use Python as a native language for Android or iOS. Though we can use it, it comes with multiple user interface limitations. Experts do not recommend Python for games and mobile app development.
  • Memory consumption: The executing of Python code can be heavy on the memory. This brings the need for developers to introspect on the memory leaks. Some may be due to the incorrect release of objects in different libraries. So, Python is not a good choice for applications that are memory intensive and use many active objects.
  • High test requirement: Python often compiles a code each time you execute it. This makes it necessary to perform a test, thus leading to poor performance.
  • Speed: many experience slow performance and low latency since it is an interpreted language.



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