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Node.js Developer Hourly Rate

Node.js is a good option for developers looking for a high-paying career. Although this popular JavaScript tool has been available for decades, the need for those, who can grasp it remains high. JavaScript has long been a flexible programming language, so it is one of the most popular programming languages globally, if not the most popular. While it is most recognized for its capacity to build sophisticated client-side scripts, it can also develop server-side backend programs with the proper tools.

What Exactly Is Node.js? Why Is It Used?

There are many types of JavaScript runtime environments, but the most used is Node.js, a program that allows you to create server-side and client-side JavaScript in a non-web browser environment.

Node.js has several significant advantages over PHP and Python — see the below paragraph.

These functions are not restricted in any way (they run concurrently). In contrast, each PHP or Python instruction causes the following instructions to be halted until the instruction has been completed. To put it another way, JavaScript server applications may be much faster and more responsive to real-time events.

As free and open-source software, Node.js is popular among developers, especially JavaScript developers seeking a faster and more efficient way to create their code. Node.js developers are in high demand because the businesses that employ these engineers need faster, real-time, and event-driven servers, which makes Node.js developers a valuable resource.

What Is the Average Node.js Developer Salary?

The pay for a Node.js developer runs on the upper end. It’s owing to the gap between competent Node.js engineers and those seeking to recruit them. On average, a Node.js developer earns an estimated payment of $106k/year.

Node.js Developer Salaries by Experience

Experience level may have a significant effect on your ultimate pay. Employers are ready to pay top money for developers with decades of expertise, and you can always anticipate your income to rise as you spend more years practicing your skills of choice.

But occasionally, a junior’s salary may be so small relative to the norm that it can be impossible to acquire enough competence to earn a respectable compensation. Is the same true with Node.js?

Junior Node.js developers make an average of $85k/year; mid-range workers with 5–7 years of experience earn around $100k/year, and senior developers earn $125k/year. Throughout your career, from junior to senior, your pay may rise by up to $30k/year. Even a junior developer’s compensation pays a little better than many comparable development positions but remembers that Node.js is a specialized vocation that needs much technical expertise and is much more difficult for a novice to pick up.

Node.js Salaries by Location

If there’s one thing that may have a big impact on your income, it’s where you reside in the globe. Many pay data may be extremely US-centric, so if you reside outside the United States, have a look at this list of Node.js salaries by location:

  • Switzerland: $97k/year
  • United States: $92k/year
  • Germany: $63k/year
  • China: $44k/year
  • Russia: $14k/year
  • India: $9k/year

Freelance Node.js Developer Salaries

Freelancing may add something of a wild card to your future income. When a business employs you, it’s safer to ensure that your pay figures will be closer to the average, and you’ll always know you’re being paid each month.

But if you want to freelance, how many customers you acquire and the fee you charge is all up to you. There’s no assurance you’ll even get enough customers to maintain yourself.

On the other side, if you can set up a successful freelancing business, you may discover that you’re making much more than you could have while tied down to a firm that pays you a fixed fee. Freelance Node.js developers earn $113k/year or $55/hour. It offers an average hourly wage of $80–100 ($165k-205k/year, assuming a 40-hour workweek) and a median hourly rate of $60–80 ($125k-165k/year).

Remote Node.js Salaries

As remote work continues to become ever more popular, particularly in the IT sector, you may question whether you’ll make as good of a salary working remotely or if it’s preferable to seek a paid, in-person job.

It’s also highly linked to freelance employment, which is much more frequently remote, which may distort the statistics slightly. But increasingly, conventional paid positions are also moving remote, and businesses are looking for additional at-home employees to fill the gap. The typical annual pay of $114k for remote work is unexpectedly more significant than the average Node.js developer.

Summing Up

Node.js developers earn an average annual salary of $106,000, making the pursuit of employment worthwhile. The position may be ideal for you if you are interested in JavaScript, want to pursue a specialized IT career. Moreover, work across the whole stack. Don’t know where to begin? To learn more about Node.js, you may go through the documentation or even enroll in the Node.js certification program provided by OpenJS.

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Originally published at on October 26, 2021.



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