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Video games have now become a trend for people of all age groups and there are continuous advancements in this field. Certain wonderful innovations in their basic functioning have enabled people to enjoy it more than ever before. When the matter comes to game development, many people just ponder about video games, but actually, game design encompasses every type of games like card games, board games, video games, etc.

A game developer needs to take care of lots of elements while designing a game. The video game storm has overtaken the smartphones, computers, tablets, and almost all the relevant gadgets. Before several years, when the concept of game development was new, video games were actually just a fad with mere physics-based games such as Pong. However, with the gradual advancements in video game technology, the popularity and the way of working has drastically influenced the society.

The process of game development is interesting to know. For instance, in a game, if you are a fighter who wishes to jump, the physics would work as if you expect to land back over the ground in the span of one or two seconds. This particular action is linked with equations as well as formulas that scientists have already developed. The tasks of a video game developer are to look and such equations and then apply them to the games.

With the advancement of technology, game development is now accessible to anybody even the one who does not hold a computer science degree. Certain tools like Microsoft XNA Framework enable game developers to develop games in less time, and in absence of a lot of computer jargon. Below, you will get to know different innovations in this field:

Gesture Control:

Contemporary game development incorporates the feature of gesture control. For instance, Intel RealSense technology enables you to play the first person shooter games, or you can just interact with your device using some waves of hand. With the help of a 3D camera that can track 22 distinct points within your hand, the feature of gesture control permits users to link with their gaming experience through the use of natural movements of the body. The game named Warrior Wave implements RealSense technology in order that you can make use of your hand to direct a group of Ancient Greek armed forces to safety.

Voice Recognition:

Voice controlled gaming is now a prevalent trend but the prospect of utilizing the technology in the field of gaming systems has ultimately captured up to reality. Presently, computers are capable to effortlessly identify voice commands generated by the user. In addition to turning the console on/off with the help of this technology, you can even make use of voice commands to regulate the gameplay, communicate on social media, play preferred selections from your media library, or also search the web. All these are possible by just communicating with your gaming system.

Amazing Graphics:

There have been gradual advancements from the fundamental 8-bit graphics in gaming. The contemporary advancements in game development facilitate gamers to play games in fully rendered worlds with the help of photorealistic textures. Moreover, the capability to enhance playability with high image quality lets it appear as if you are into the game.

Facial Recognition:

The inception of facial recognition and 3D scanning technology permits systems to develop your resemblance in the field of game development. Therefore, with this advancement, now you can create a custom avatar which appears exactly like you, or you can create an avatar that resourcefully conveys your expressions to digital creations. For instance, the Intel® RealSense™ 3D camera enables game developers to develop games that acclimatize to the gamer’s emotions by scanning total 78 different points, located on the face of a person.

Augmented Reality (AR):

The concept of Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the hottest trends and many game applications make use of this technology. Not limited to a computer monitor or a TV, AR games enable game developers to come up with a unique perspective. They maneuver spaces into the real world and also make the game object to be useful to real-life circumstances. For instances, you can now play table hockey, right on your table or kitchen platform from any desired angle, or participate in some puzzles mapped out with the help of obstacles in your courtyard.

Instead of the actual physical environment, in AR, you would be supplied with information or data overlay, in digital format, and that too in real-time. The good example of this technology is the development of a mobile app named Wikitude. For instance, when you hold your smartphone and then point towards your environments, the screen depicts surrounding restaurants, hotels, ATMs, etc. for simplifying your navigation.

A game app like DridShooting, known as a shooter game allows the player to interact in real-time, with the surroundings. After you hold your smartphone up, you would require shooting targets that appear from your surroundings. It is certain that this is a kind of primitive gaming; however, there are odds of prospects for this kind of gameplay concept.

Virtual Reality:

There are lots of virtual reality gaming consoles which have not been commercially released still. The developing VR headset displays are actually perched to provide the contemporary gamers an engaging gaming experience and this experience has not been perceived by anyone yet. Its experience is such that you would lose yourself in the game prior to coming back to reality.

Mobile Gaming:

The scope of gaming experience which was earlier confined to the arcade and the living room has now been expanded with the arrival of smartphones. You can see lots of people playing games on their smartphones during a train commute. The advent of mobile technology has facilitated the scope of digital gaming reach beyond hardcore console-consumers as well as the online gamers.

Wearable Gaming:

People usually look for a portable gaming experience nowadays. The concept of wearable game development is not so invasive and it can make the gaming experience portable, irrespective of using glasses or smart watches.

Companies that have already initiated the use of wearable technology for different fitness applications are currently targeting to encompass entertainment within the mix. It is to be remembered that wearables are not just the extensions of your body, they are too the extensions of the gaming consoles which you are already familiar with.

Cloud Gaming:

As an alternative to developing video game systems that demand more powerful hardware, game developers are now focusing to reduce the load with the help of the cloud. It is true that games should not be restricted by the quantity of memory that consoles or discs provide. With the help of the cloud, the games are developed to enormous server-size limits in which images get streamed into your screen seamlessly, via the Internet.

With the help of quick and reliable internet connections, the cloud computing technology has started gaining momentum. With the help of Cloud Gaming, there is no need to wait long to receive updates to high-quality games. There is no hassle because all you need to do is just connect it with a steady Internet connection and then play. Moreover, games will be less expensive and easily accessible with the help of tablets and computers.

Open-Source Gaming:

When you glance at the number of freely available or cheaply available homemade games in the current mobile market, you will get an idea where the prospective games may be heading. To understand this, for instance, Ouya is recognized as an Android-powered video game console that functions with the idea that games must be cheap to build and cheap to purchase as well.

On-Demand Gaming

Gamers are able to watch as well as share live-streams of games, the question arises -what about playing them? Identical to relevant movie streaming services, the capability to stream video games is now transforming as a reality. Moreover, it could lead small and big game developers to vie for gaming glory.

Independent game developers need not buy a costly software development kit (SDK) to develop games and launch the same into the market. It is known that Ouya provides 1080p gaming experience and it also comprises of lots of free-to-play as well as affordable games.

HD Displays:

There has been a lot of improvement in terms of gaming graphics, so you need to have a good quality display to show them off. The televisions with 4K capabilities or 4K laptops are sold at around thousands of dollars, and their price points have gradually dropped which makes this format the standard one in a way you match the particular games you play.

Concluding Note:

The predictions about the way in which technology will grow in near future are not always accurate. This is because it is not possible to predict how the deviation would be from the planned use of the original creation. It is pleasant to know that the gaming industry is proceeding towards the innovations, always exploring new findings and pushing the limits. If you are looking to develop games, then hire developers from Aalpha.

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