Importance of Performance Testing on Applications

Performance testing hasn’t been much common in the early years of building applications. However, with the daily technological advancements, tools get built to support performance testing. In the mid-’90s, most performance testing applications were up and running. It marked a start in application performance testing. But why performance testing?

Currently, the rise of technology comes with indisputably advanced web applications and other critical programs that need advanced maintenance and testing. From a general aspect, web growth and testing correlate. For instance, we currently live in a highly technologized world that includes applications and programs running on the cloud. It is advanced. Yes, and we daily get more optimistic about more and more advanced applications. Social platforms, analytics, among other technical areas, are growing too. With this growth, we also expect stability of every advanced application. Consumers also expect much and therefore comes the need for steering the role of performance testing in the application development sector.

Importance of Performance Testing

Performance testing is currently standard since most businesses are quickly steering towards a bimodal approach that caters to modern enterprises’ quality and speeds.

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The steps involved the process of performance testing

  • Identification of the test environment
  • Highlighting the performance acceptance criteria
  • Plan and design tests
  • Configuration of the test environment
  • Implementation of the test design
  • Execution of the test
  • Analysis, tuning, and retesting.

Performance Testing Metrics

Memory utilization

It represents the amount of RAM that supports all processes and applications.

Response time

It refers to the time taken between the software’s request and the application’s response. While testing the application, you should expect a delayed or quick response.

Error rate

It refers to the percentage of requests that are erroneous concerning all other requests.

Virtual users

The metric refers to the software acting as an actual user. Therefore, the software or testing tool makes requests to the application just like a real user.

Request per second

It refers to the sum of requests made or sent to the destination server.


Represents the amount of bandwidth used during the testing process. It is expressed in kilobytes per second.

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Types of performance testing and related testing tools

Load Testing

Webload is one of the most commonly used tools that executes this kind of testing. It boasts a range of load testing tools and an undisputed enterprise-level performance. It works through high virtual user load generation both at the cloud and local level. One of this tool’s most significant and advantageous features is its support for free integration with a range of third-party tools.

Soak Testing

Spike Testing

The most common tool associated with spike testing is the JMeter. The tool has a range of features to enable this type of performance testing. Above all, it boasts flexibility and can run on a range of operating systems that support Java. Testing using this tool involves aids in functional tests, monitoring, etc.

Stress Testing


Modern businesses also require apps that run stably to ensure users and customers enjoy services without unnecessary complaints. Modern companies, therefore, opt for the best software testing services that can effectively establish the stability of an application. Testing is currently becoming commonplace with increased competition in the technology industry. Another critical factor is that not only performance testing is enough. After testing your application, you don’t leave it as it is after establishing its bottlenecks. Identifying weak points in applications calls for extra expertise to help stabilize the application. In this case, you can consider hiring application developers to adjust or extend the app features to ensure everything runs well as desired. It is not just all about building an application and making it ready for use by the end-users. User experience is a critical factor any developer should never forget.

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Originally published at on February 6, 2021.

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