How To Scale Your Software Product Development Team

  • First of all, the company has to clearly define the goals they want to achieve after scaling their product development team. As we discussed earlier some of the main motives of scaling are to increase development speed, extend product platform, work on different projects, and to solve the specific issues by hiring new members. After understanding a clear motive you can portrait the need for missing employees.
  • The size of the team also matters a lot in the success of a company. Usually, the companies have seven to ten members in their development team. So to scale up, the organizations have to split them into different teams. The split can be according to the whole team concept or skill-based concept. In the whole team concept, the company has to assign a separate project for a team to work independently on it. The skill-based split concept is common in the companies that are concentrated on one specific product. In this case, employees will be grouped according to their role.
  • The organization has to pay more attention to the project and product development when they are scaling their product development team. The product manager must have a full technical understanding. Every team must pay attention to single responsibility and the company has to plan it Backlog in such a way that each task is assigned to somebody.
  • The balance between the new and old teams needs to be intact and engage when scaling the product development team. The company must have a combination of newcomers and old members. The balanced teams are also key to the success of the company. The organizations could also outsource services of different digital agencies for this purpose. You also have to encourage the dialogue between different teams so that they can share their experiences.



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