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How to Outsource PHP Development

Businesses, both startups and established have growth potential. As such businesses grow and expand, the need for technical services such as websites and app development emerges. Of course, it can be time-consuming and expensive to develop and maintain the apps as away of scaling the business. As a result, many businesses, both startups and enterprise solutions, face some challenges along the way. But then, outsourcing PHP development is the ultimate solution to counter all these challenges and issues. You will access top professionals in the game, enjoy efficiency, and get the best services at reduced costs. These are among the many benefits of PHP development outsourcing.

So, what does it take to outsource PHP development? This guide will give you all you need to know, including the processes, benefits, and other valuable insights about PHP development outsourcing. Keep reading.

What is PHP development outsourcing?

PHP is a scripting language with several versions. The current version is PHP 8.3, which was released in November 2023. Being a general scripting language, PHP enables developers to write programs better known as scripts and automate some tasks, eliminating the need to execute the processes manually. This accelerates the processes and minimizes resource usage.

Again, PHP is an open-source language; you can use it and modify it to create reliable solutions during development processes.

The best aspect of PHP is that it is a versatile programming language. With it, developers can create reliable and stable web & app solutions for businesses of all kinds, be it small or large businesses.

Ideally, PHP plays a big role when developing apps with dynamic content, social networking platforms, eCommerce websites, CMS — content management systems, and software development. Besides, it is easy to integrate PHP with other database management systems, web servers, and operating systems. This makes PHP an outstanding solution for varied business requirements, thanks to the extra modules and reliable in-built tools that help in developing different applications for different purposes.

Examples of platforms powered by PHP include the following:

  • Facebook — PHP was the reliable scripting language for both backend and frontend functionalities on the Facebook platform. This is because of PHP’s capability to accommodate a massive user base and handle complex processes.
  • WordPress — Being one of the most reliable content management systems, WordPress uses PHP and MySQL technologies to deliver digital content across websites.
  • Wikipedia — Better known as the world’s top encyclopedia, Wikipedia depends on PHP for all the backend development services. This is due to PHP’s ability to create huge dynamic-generated content.

Why businesses outsource PHP development

Outsourcing PHP development is the trending practice of businesses, both small and big ones. There are several reasons why businesses will opt to outsource PHP development. Here are the reasons:

Sometimes, a business can have a limited budget and resources for salaries, infrastructure, or training processes. Instead of letting the business go down, a business owner can opt to outsource PHP development at a lower budget and save extra resources to aid in growing the business.

When you outsource PHP development services, the company offers all the software and hardware requirements, thus reducing these expenses. What’s more, a business owner doesn’t have to pay salaries and other benefits when outsourcing PHP development. In the end, the costs are lower, yet the quality is top-notch. Aalpha Information Systems India is your number one outsourcing company. Reach out to us, share your project details and we will deliver services that will scale your business to the next level.

Sometimes, the in-house team may lack the specific skills or expertise required to accomplish a specific task or project. Instead of hiring full-time experts for such a short-term project, a company can opt to outsource PHP development. As a result, no training expenses are incurred, which cuts down on the hiring process costs, thus saving time and money at the same time.

Again, when a company has a project that needs to be completed within a short timeline, outsourcing PHP development is the ideal solution. Here, the company can easily access top professionals in the specific project and enjoy a timely delivery of top-quality services. Of course, this requires contracting a reliable outsourcing company with professionals in the same field.

A company can outsource PHP development when all they want is to make maximum use of resources, cutting down any wastage.

Outsourcing PHP development helps businesses to either scale down or scale up without having to worry about extra expenses. Here, the business only exploits specific resources when the need arises without worrying about overhead costs.

Finally, outsourcing PHP development is ideal when all you want is to shift the focus to other main business activities.

Instead of monitoring and controlling PHP development processes, you simply outsource from a reliable outsourcing company and let them handle the tasks as you focus on activities like marketing, sales, and customer service, among other services that will see the business grow steadily.

Top benefits of outsourcing PHP developers

Outsourcing PHP developers will generally accelerate your business growth. Other benefits of PHP development outsourcing include the following:

When a business can effortlessly release products and services faster effortlessly, it becomes easy to beat the competitive market and stay on top. This can only be possible with a PHP outsourcing strategy because the full-stack teams are highly experienced with expert knowledge and skills in a specific industry. Besides, the ready-made solutions speed up the process, making everything seamless.

PHP is a popular scrip language with a large user base. Outsourcing PHP development, therefore, means you have a chance to access millions of expert developers who are ready to transition your business from one level to the next.

No outsourcing company wants to ruin its brand reputation. Therefore, all the processes are always streamlined and properly planned, eliminating the risks of late delivery and poor-quality work.

Outsourcing PHP development means onboarding a full stack team that can manage all the tasks, including backend & frontend development, managing databases, infrastructure design, and app deployment, among the common tasks under PHP development. This flexibility enables a company to save time and resources — they don’t need to hire more specialists, but a PHP outsourcing company like Aalpha.

It is easy to hire a PHP developer with underlying knowledge of Magento and WordPress systems. This helps speed up the development of top-notch solutions.

How to outsource PHP Development: the processes

Before you outsource PHP development services, you must create a plan and steps to follow to ensure you get an outsourcing partner who will deliver services in alignment with your business goals and objectives. We’ve summarized the steps you should follow below:

Start with the scope and requirements of your project. Think of everything you need to ensure the success of the project. So, before you begin the process of getting a reliable outsourcing partner, start by knowing what you need to achieve first. This will enable you to share and communicate with your outsourcing partner seamlessly.

Among the components to think of are features, targets, technologies, and tools, among other requirements. With the right details of your project, you will follow an easy path, enabling you to contract a reliable PHP outsourcing partner.

With your project requirements and scope details., you can now begin searching for a reliable outsourcing PHP partner.

You can use different strategies here; if you have reliable people, ask for referrals. Still, you can do a quick research online and find the best PHP outsourcing partner for your services. Another option is using freelancer platforms. The decision here will highly depend on the nature of your project and your schedule.

As you do research, your key focus should be on an experienced PHP outsourcing company because you can’t compromise your business needs and the quality of services you will get.

At this stage, you can highlight several PHP outsourcing companies before you select the ideal option.

With a list of potential PHP outsourcing partners, you can now narrow down to the best option. Evaluate each service provider in terms of their reviews, expertise, communication skills, portfolio, and dedication to accelerate the success of your project.

Suppose you can set up a platform to conduct interviews, the better. However, you can still make a phone call and evaluate the potentiality of each PHP outsourcing company.

While technical skills are important, don’t forget to evaluate other soft skills, such are communication and seamless collaboration, especially with your in-house team. Once you narrow down and select your ideal development partner, move to the next step.

At this point, you’ve already selected your best PHP development partner. Now, start discussing the timeline for the project and the budget. Make sure both you and the PHP development team are in the same line and plans. Discuss the best communication channel and strategy, mode of work- is it per milestones? How many milestones? Don’t forget to discuss about terms of payments and any other important information about the whole process.

Here, transparency is key, and both teams should be satisfied with the terms and conditions to avoid any future conflicts when the project is on.

Once you agree on terms and conditions for working, it is now time to stress what you need to achieve and what products or services the PHP development partner should accomplish.

Here, you can design wireframes, highlight the tech stacks you need, and detail design guidelines to ensure your PHP development partner doesn’t miss the point.

Being clear at this point will save both parties time and resources, ensuring the right product is delivered in the end.

Of course, once the project is on, don’t underestimate the need to communicate effectively and regularly.

Create a plan to keep track of the project, collaborate where necessary, and offer guidelines where necessary. Good communication will help your PHP development partner stay on track and produce products that align with your business needs without wasting time and money moving backward to correct some steps.

When the PHP development partner finally delivers the final product, testing and verifying if everything is okay is a key step. As you review, try to identify any areas that need some more work, if any and communicate to your PHP development partner in a timely manner. The goal is to ensure you get the product you have envisioned early and pay for the services delivered. At the end of the contract, both parties should be satisfied with the overall services.

Outsourcing PHP development: skills to look out for

The following skills are essential when hiring PHP developers for your project:

  • Server administration skills — With server administration skills, a PHP developer will ensure your app or website operates seamlessly on the server. Therefore, the developer should understand tech skills under Nginx, Apache, and Linux.
  • Database experience — a PHP developer should comprehend Oracle, PostgreSQL, and MySQL databases. This will enable them to manage database connections, optimize performance, and write queries for seamless processes.
  • Proficiency in PHP — Of course, a PHP developer must be conversant with PHP language, including PHP frameworks, functions, and PHP syntax.
  • Version control systems — PHP developers will use these skills to manage code and team up with other developers for a collaborative working environment.
  • Development technologies expertise — A reliable PHP developer should understand JavaScript, CSS, and HTML technologies and CodeIgniter, Symfony, and Laravel frameworks.

What is the cost of outsourcing a PHP development project?

Outsourcing a PHP project could cost anywhere between $ 5,000 and $2,000,000 or even more. The price variation is a result of the type of PHP development project. Below is a summary of possible estimates depending on the type of PHP development project at hand:

  • Web application — a customized web app with several features and functionalities will cost between $15,000 and $50,000.
  • Simple Website — a basic website with basic details such as a responsive design, contact form, and other 5 to 10 pages could cost about $2000 and $5,000
  • Enterprise Web Portal — this is a huge PHP development project with third-party integrations. The features and functionalities are complex, too. Such a website could cost between $50,000 and $150,000.
  • Mobile App with PHP Backend — An Android or iOS mobile app for backend API integration and data processing will cost between $25,000 and $100,000.
  • eCommerce Website — if you are searching for online store solutions with order management, payment gateway integration, shopping cart, and product catalog features, the costs will range between $10,000 and $30,000.

Additionally, cost to PHP developers varies according to the skillset and experience of the developers to build the project.

Other factors contributing to the overall outsourcing of PHP development costs include the following:

  • Support and maintenance
  • Quality Assurance


Outsourcing, especially for tech-related projects has become the norm of many businesses, both small and big setups. However, the process requires a business person to take several steps to ensure the success of the project.

Once you follow the steps outlined in this guide, you will overcome challenges such as finding top talents in PHP development, communication challenges & cultural differences, data security concerns, quality of the final project, maintenance & support, and project management techniques, among other challenges.

Nonetheless, outsourcing PHP development will give your business scalability, competitive advantage, rapid growth, and reduced expenses, among other benefits.

Outsourcing PHP development FAQs

Is PHP best for web development?

PHP is one of the best programming languages many developers use, especially on the server side. With a wide support community, PHP is an open-source language that is easy to learn, maintain, and use.

Besides PHP being a versatile language, it can be used to develop several websites, including social networking sites, e-commerce websites, and content management systems, among many more.

Again, PHP is the best language because of its effectiveness, scalability, enhanced security, and cross-platform functionality.

What are the best use cases of PHP?

Being a powerful language, PHP can be used under the following:

Server-side scripting, dynamic web apps, cross-platform compatibility, and rapid prototyping.

What is the future of PHP developers?

PHP is one of the widespread scripting languages with steady community support. The language continues to gain popularity with many developers using it due to its unique features. With these insights, the demand for PHP developers will continue to grow higher in the near future.

What mistakes should I avoid when outsourcing a PHP development company?

When looking for a reliable PHP development company for outsourcing, don’t make these mistakes:

  • Not stating the requirements early enough
  • Discussing the overall costs
  • Not testing their expertise in PHP development
  • Failing to review their portfolio

Which is the best PHP development company for outsourcing?

There are many tech companies that specialize in outsourcing PHP development services. Depending on your location, the nature of your project, and your personal preferences, you can always perform a quick search and get the best PHP development company for your project. Nonetheless, Aalpha is your number one outsourcing partner in India and beyond.

Finally, want to outsource your PHP project? Contact our — web development company, share your project details, and we will strategize on how to deliver the best services within your schedule.

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