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Make an iPhone App

How to Develop an iOS App

Search for Freelancers

  • You get many talents, and you can select the best
  • It is cheap to hire a freelancer
  • The entire process is easy to follow.
  • It is hard to manage a person far away
  • Language barrier issues
  • You can miss deadlines if freelancers are committed to other projects.

Do It Yourself- DIY

  • You don’t spend fees paying app developers
  • You have a better understanding of what you want
  • To have total control over the project
  • You won’t experience issues with communication difficulties.
  • You must be a tech person with adequate knowledge
  • You must have passion
  • It consumes time

Have an In-House Team

  • Good communication
  • There is teamwork, which leads to the best results.
  • Extra expenses
  • Time-consuming when recruiting.
  • You must pay employees a competitive salary and other expenses such as sick leave and off days.

Outsource a Professional Development Team

  • The dedicated team manages everything, so you have adequate time to focus on other things
  • It is cheap
  • You get access to many dedicated companies with top talents globally.
  • Different time zones
  • Language barrier in some regions

The Process of Creating an iPhone App

Conduct Market Research

Know your Targeted Audience


  • In-app advertising- includes a free application, but there are ads.
  • Freemium model- you can download the app free of charge, but you must pay for some features.
  • Subscription model- You access the app after subscribing
  • Paid model- You get the app after paying for once.


Pitfalls of iOS Development

Human Interface Guidelines


  • Readability- Developers can read and write codes quickly since they use a few code lines.
  • Speed- Developers enjoy the Swift speed that can be compared to C++
  • It is an open-source language




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