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PHP is one of the most powerful and widely used development platform in today’s world. It has been installed on 2.1 million web servers worldwide and around 378 million web applications run with it. Due to this popularity, there are a lot of frameworks available on the market like Laravel, CakePHP, Symfony, Yii, and CodeIgniter. All of these got their own set of tools and functionalities.

PHP empowers you to develop the perfect website It’s been used by more than 391,191,714 websites. As a business, your most crucial objective is to convert your ideas into reality. And for doing this you need to hire developers to help you up. You can do this by outsourcing the developing work to an offshore firm. India is one of the best options here as it has emerged as a hub for Information Technology. Let’s take a look at some of the factors you should consider so that you hire the best PHP developer available.

The Source from where you get the developers is really important. You know what you want, the requirements, your team, and their experience as well as your limitations. So you need to hire the developers from the right source and for that, you can get recommendations from the target industry in India. You can also visit various Web portals for information regarding Developers.

Then comes the experience. There are 3 types of developers in any country. Beginners, Mid-Level and Advanced Developers. The rates vary according to the experience as well. Complex projects require master skills, hiring beginners not an option here. So Mid-level and Senior-level PHP developers are your best option not just because of their experience but also because they will be able to solve conceptual and logical problems in a better way.

You need to clearly define your business’s specific objectives, goals, and needs before you start up with the PHP development process. Create a Layout, set the timeline, identify financial limits, and then hire the developer accordingly.

This is easily one of the easiest and cost-effective methods to hire PHP developers. You can use this tool to hire PHP developers and set the wages based on the number of hours worked. You don’t have to spend any money or time on training or on setting up an in-house department. You need to do is to define your objectives.

Sometimes you require a product that is specific to your industry or niche that you cater to. In such cases, specialized PHP developers are required. These can be Customized PHP Web development Solution, MVP Product Development, PHP integration and Upgradation, PHP cloud Solutions, CMS Development, and API integration.

Check the portfolios of all the potential PHP developer firms on your list. Take a look at their Experience, accomplishments, projects already done, and the skills they got. You can then ask about the profiles of PHP developers from these shortlisted firms to interview them.

You should have at least some knowledge of what PHP technology is when hiring a PHP developer. This will be a great help in discussing the key features, requirements and you will be able to provide some technical suggestions as-well. Hence it is recommended to get a know-how of technology before you hire any PHP developer from India.

When you have put together a team of expert PHP developers. The next step is to start a strong and lasting relationship with them. It is best to create a direct channel with the PHP development team so that the whole project is carried out smoothly and according to the needs. Talk to them regularly about the timeline and ask them about any problems or issues faced. Your in-house team and the offshore team should work in sync with each other for the best results.

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