How to Find a Technical co-founder for a Startup in 2023

How to Find a Technical co-founder for a Startup

The inability to produce a product due to a lack of technical expertise is a common factor preventing individuals from beginning their businesses.

One option to tackle this problem and launch your firm is to find a co-founder with the technical expertise you need.

Given that the most successful firms often have at least two founders (as we saw in our How to Find a Co-Founder article), you should search for a co-founder regardless of your level of technical expertise to increase your chances of success.

What is the Definition of a Technical Co-Founder?

Co-founders form a firm together and have an equal stake in its success. Two categories of co-founders share responsibility and divide the workload: technical and non-technical.

A technical co-founder has certain technical talents, generally in programming and technology product creation. Chief Technical Officer (CTO) is a common designation for technical co-founders.

Remember that co-founders need not necessarily consist of a non-technical person and a technical person. In contrast, the most technically proficient founder may lead product development.

Why Is a Technical Co-Founder Necessary?

If you are not a programmer or lack the precise technical abilities required to construct a minimal viable product (MVP) for your firm, you will likely need a technical co-founder.

Sure, you can always hire developers to help you create a product, but finding technical co-founder guarantees that you will collaborate with someone who is as devoted to the company concept and equally driven to see it succeed.

Working with a technical co-founder at the outset of your company’s existence offers you a partner with whom you can divide the labor equally. In the early stages of a startup’s existence, this greatly increases productivity.

How to Locate a Technical Co-Founder.

1) Engineering Professional Network

If you’ve already worked at a startup or a small tech firm, you may already have a network of technical engineers from whom you may recruit a technical co-founder.

Create a list of all the past programmers and IT professionals you’ve worked with who you believe have the necessary abilities and motivation to be co-founders.

Then, reach out to each of these folks and ask if they would be interested in a coffee or lunch meeting to discuss your company concept.

2) Academic Network

Now is the optimum moment for entrepreneurs in college or university to begin searching for their future technical co-founder.

Meet individuals in your schools or social networks interested in programming, computer science, computer engineering, and other technical issues. There may also be coding clubs and other technology-related groups where you may meet people.

3) Social Networking

You may search for a technical co-founder on social networks, especially LinkedIn. Create a LinkedIn post explaining why you’re seeking a tech co-founder and what abilities you’re looking for in a co-founder. Perhaps a member of your network that you had not previously considered will reach out.

4) Hackathons, Gatherings, and Conferences

Special events about technology and programming are also excellent venues to find a technical co-founder outside your network.

Start by looking for local in-person events, which are abundant in most large cities. Try Googling phrases such as “local tech conferences” and “local startup events.”

5) Startup Incubators & Accelerators

Incubators and accelerators for startups are also great venues to meet possible business partners and collaborate on projects in a shared office space. Keep in mind that accelerators are short, intensive programs to assist entrepreneurs with an MVP to build their firms swiftly.

Therefore, it is unlikely that you will be accepted to an accelerator where you may meet a technical co-founder unless you have previously built a technical product on your own or by paying someone to do so.

What Qualities Should a Technical Co-Founder Possess?

1) Tech Expertise

Technical expertise is the first thing you should look for in a tech co-founder. For instance, if you want to develop a mobile app from the ground up, you must be proficient in all the programming languages required for the various mobile operating systems.

Idealistically, your tech co-founder should possess technical expertise that exceeds your immediate requirements. So, when you’re ready to expand and scale your business, and your needs change, they’ll still be able to lead the way in terms of technology.

2) Enthusiasm For the Business

Once a product has been developed, your co-founder must be dedicated to expanding the business. Before you commit to working with a technical co-founder, ensure they won’t be working on any side projects that will divert their attention from your company.

When your co-founder shares the same enthusiasm for the business side of things as you do, it is much easier to ensure a good balance of work and equal motivation, both of which are necessary for achieving business success.

3) Strong communication abilities

Non-technical individuals and tech-savvy individuals frequently have trouble communicating. It is crucial to find a technical co-founder with the necessary communication skills to discuss technical topics with you and the rest of the team in terms they can comprehend.

Additionally, you and your co-founder must communicate openly and listen to one another to generate ideas and develop an overall business strategy.

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Originally published at on December 9, 2022.



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