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Real-time communication has become a crucial feature of many applications. The workflows of different industries need to integrate video conferencing to ensure efficiency. Building a video conferencing app is a complex task especially if there is no guidance. It is important to do your research before you start building the app because if you start without basic understanding then it can cost you unnecessary money.

Here is a step guide to developing video conferencing apps.

Step 1: Selecting a Platform

Selecting the target application for building a video conferencing app is the first step. It is a crucial decision because it determines which tools you will need to build your app. The platform also decides the budget for the app.

The best way of finding the right platform is to ask some key questions like on which devices you want the application to run. If you want it to be compatible with laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and desktop computers then you will have to choose the platform accordingly.

Make sure that the platform you choose satisfies your requirements and available resources. It is always better to go for a web-based application because it does not require any third-party tool. Web-based apps can be built using plain CS, JavaScript, and HTML. With time you can develop desktop and a native app for smartphones.

Step 2: Defining Features

Once you have decided on the platform it is time to figure out which features you want in the app. The features you choose should satisfy the business requirements. The budget is a crucial consideration as well.

You may think that filters or icons are funny but they are not suitable for customer service or technical support app. Instead of filters and icons, you will need features like call recording. The recording capability helps implement quality analysis.

Here are a few common features that are an important part of video conference apps.


Communication is the key to running a successful business and written communication is essential. Adding written communication allows users to send and receive messages even during a call. It provides additional channels to the user and improves communication.

Video Preview (Pre-call)

Starting video conferences smoothly can be challenging. Mostly there is a problem with someone’s mike and it can take a little while to make sure everyone can see and listen before a meeting starts. Popular apps understand the dilemma and they offer a pre-call video preview feature. Members attending the meeting can check if the camera before the meeting starts to ensure that it is working. It makes sure that the meetings go smoothly and there are no hiccups.

Sharing files

The file-sharing feature is a must because people need to share data during video conferencing. The app should offer a secure way of sharing and storing transferred files.

Desktop Sharing:

It is a great feature as it allows members to share desktop which makes providing support and achieving tasks much easier.

Multi-party Conference

Allowing multiple members to join a video conference is a complex but essential feature. It is good to have an idea of the exact number of people the application can support.


It is a valuable feature for educational applications and company meetings. The tool is effective in sharing and expressing ideas.

Step 3: Developing the App

When you have decided on the platform and features, it is time to start developing the video conference app. Technically WebRTC is just features and standards comprised in API and it is used to establish a peer-to-peer connection.

Developing and running a video conference can be done in two ways. You can either use WebRTC or CPaaS. Choose from three strategies for developing the app and they are:

  • Media server approach
  • Peer-to-peer approach
  • Communication-platform-as-a-service provider


By having the right insights it is possible to efficiently develop video conference apps. Focusing on features and platforms makes it possible to adopt the right strategies and reap the benefits of the app.

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Originally published at on August 13, 2020.



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