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In a clear manner, SaaS is the short form of Software as a service. Saas software app creates and offers software ready to be used to the customers through a mobile application or a web browser on a subscription model. Here, the customers have an easy time because most of the activities, such as configuration and installation are handled by the software providers.

There are both philosophical and technical differences between traditional software and Saas. For example, there is no software configuration for Saas users, unlike traditional software. Hence, the work is simplified for Saas users. Also, Due to the advanced technology, Saas products are available globally, and it is compatible with all devices.

The Saas systems doesn’t have to be installed on the computer physically for them to be functional because they are hosted in a cloud. There are advantages associated with cloud computing which include the following:


A failure in even one server will not affect the operation of the app because a cloud means that several servers are located globally, making your app keep running no matter what happens.


There is always room for upgrading whenever the requirements keep increasing. You only perform some clicks, and everything will be sorted.

Cost efficiency:

With cloud computing, you simply cater the payment for the resources which your app needs to operate, meaning you do not have to buy and keep updating hardware, which is expensive.


More attention is directed to the data storage. The cloud management system ensures that all the measurements are put in place to ensure the safety of the data.

Advantages of SaaS

Both the users and services are entitled to some benefits offered by SaaS software development. Among the benefits include:

  • The pocket-friendly upfront cost for users.
  • Continuous income or revenue for developers.
  • The large customer base for developers due to the cost-effectiveness of upfront costs.
  • No need for the user to keep purchasing updates by users. The updates occur instantly.
  • There is room for performing test samples for developers to ensure they deliver exactly what the customers want.

How to Develop a SaaS Solution

The concept of Saas product development is quite different from that of the traditional concept. This implies that only experts in Saas development can accomplish the task of creating a Saas app. However, the traditional app and cloud-based app development have some similarities.

The key feature in cloud app development is the selection of service providers for a cloud app. Also, the users of the cloud-based app have the advantage of enjoying free installation and regular updates for the software.

Saas providers usually perform all the computing activities in the cloud and deliver to the clients an already established product. However, the entire computing activity in the cloud needs a service for the Saas platform to work properly. This means that you have to choose the best cloud hold for computing to be effective.

You will have to choose the host, which can balance your platform as it keeps changing. The host has to be cost-effective. A good example is the Amazon Web Service, which has several tools for Saas developers. Though, it good to conduct a thorough search so as to choose the tools which will work best for your platform.

A Content Delivery Network is another tool you will require. The CDN helps users to navigate through your site or application from whichever place they are global. It also offers the fastest speed while browsing.

The CDN is used to provide the networks which are distributed globally. The moment a user tries to search for the product you are offering, the sever that is located close to the user will respond. This means that the purpose of a CDN is to improve the user experience despite the locality of the user.

Tips for SaaS Development

Outlined below are approved tips on how to plan and create a cloud app:

What do you Intend to give your End-users?

Well, high-quality and constant services to customers should be a priority in the Saas model. But then, how do you weigh and know whether the services you offer are compatible with the Saas model? Below are some of the guidelines to know if your Saas business is appropriate:

  • It should have monetary value to the clients
  • The business should be recurring and clear
  • The business should attract a wide coverage of users

Ideally, performing deep research and getting solutions to set up the niche is the onset of putting clear the benefits and motives of a given project.

Note: The cloud-based technique becomes viable only when it attracts a large base of customers. However, it can as well offer amazing benefits when new features are added, and the usability widens. This only implies that as you decide on a benefit or service, you have to leave the room for expanding the user base.

Perform Market Research and know your Competitors

In most cases, app owners and developers get carried away by the benefits of Saas. They end up forgetting the most important aspect of the project development, which is identifying and handling their competitors appropriately.

You must find out if your group of competitors has upgraded to the Saas model. From there, it is when you start finding strategies on how to curb the competition. The most crucial thing is to make sure your targeted end-users sign up for the subscription instead of investing in upfront in a product.

As you perform market research, you have to know whether your user is okay still okay buying the new version of the software. Should they be tired with the software, then it only implies that they will move to the next subscription product, something which will benefit you.

Also, during the market research period, try to identify the missing gaps in services that your platform can fill the gap. This step is vital because it will enable you to outshine the competitors easily.

Choose a Technology Strategy to Use

A well-strategized technology for your Saas application will vital to ensure all the process is well-structured for productivity. Remember that the technology you select will be used to create, update, and run the web & mobile application.

To start with, you will require developmental tools for the client-side of your app. They include JavaScript frameworks such as Reactjs, Angular, & Vue.js and HTML + CSS

As for the side of the server, you will require the following programming languages and frameworks: PHP language with Laravel framework, JavaScript language with Node.js framework, and Ruby on Rails, .NET MVC, Python, Java, etc…

Mobile App Development frameworks for iOS and Android native development and for hybrid app development Ionic, Xamarin, React Native, PhoneGap can be utilized.

Also, you will need MySQL and PostgreSQL, MongoDB database for back-end data storage.

Cloud hosting infrastructure providers like Amazon Web Services & Google Cloud

Lastly, you will also need Apache, Nginx, IIS server for your app.

The choices given above are compatible with different scenarios. All you need to do is to understand your app in terms of potential profit, scalability, and costs involved.

Select the Pricing Strategy

The pricing strategy you choose for your website can either make your app grow bigger and better, or it can make the app collapse. As much as there are no specified rules for pricing, some approved pricing strategies have been discovered.

There is one known as a freemium product that is installed in most smartphones. In this case, the app gives some features free of charge to everybody having it. The features are meant to give a wide net and attract a wide coverage of possible users.

The service providers then witch free users premium users by giving them more advanced features at a cost on a monthly basis. That is how they make money.

A perfect example is Evernote. The feature gives the option for cross-device sync and note-taking free of charge. However, you can choose to pay for a service that will enable you to store more in cloud or sync across several devices.

Though, as much as giving several features for free attracts a good customer base, it is not that necessary to offer many features for free.

Get the SaaS Developers

We are in an era where technology keeps growing and changing positively. A cloud app set up application is not just something to perform once and forget. Regular features integration and support have to be implemented on and on.

If you have a temporary team of workers who are more experienced and ready for what Saas applications call for, then it is vital to outsource or hire experts to perform the developmental process for you. Hiring experts will give a clear direction to your app and even advice on your business requirements.

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As you outsource to the expert developers, perform research, and know the best country to outsource from. For instance, Canada and America call for a price of $ 180 and $ 150 for every hour. On the other hand, Southern America and Asia, India charge $45 and $15 for every hour. There are many reasons for the big difference, including the costs of living and cultural differences, among many others. Though getting developers from India, Poland, Ukraine and Belarus can be an amazing deal.


Cloud-based apps are a great idea for all businesses. The model has just been developed, yet it is becoming more popular because of the advantages it has to offer to developers and end-users.

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