How to Develop a Chatbot From Scratch :

Establishing the possible opportunities for an Artificial intelligence-based chatbot.

Building a chatbot requires that you first explore the possible opportunities for an artificial intelligence chatbot. Chatbot technologies are advancing day in and day out, with developers advancing on different approaches and designs to build them. Therefore, companies focus on promoting their chatbot services. All these support the aim of improving service delivery to customers. While advancing technologies used in building chatbots, the respective companies and developers should often focus on the kind of work a chatbot can automate. There is a range of automation services that a chatbot can substantially help to advance. The logic behind the advancement of services through chatbots is automation and augmenting services and processes through artificially intelligent techniques. The kind of work a chatbot performs through artificial intelligence solutions is bases on two distinct criteria;

  • Data complexity
  • Work complexity

Understanding customer goals

Usually, customers or end-users should be at the center of the development project. It is because users are the reason behind the development of these products and features. Just like any other feature under development, developers should consider the needs of customers when developing chatbots. If, for instance, a client hires you to build them a chatbot, it is essential that you first assess the exact needs for the chatbot. In such a case, you need to consider the needs of the client and those of customers.

Using frameworks to develop chatbots

Many platforms and technologies are available for creating powerful chatbots. Also, frameworks are available and purposely there to ensure that chatbots’ creation is more comfortable than before. There is no form of coding incorporated here. However, there are cases where you will need to adjust some codes to suit your destined chatbot’s needs. The platforms are there to fasten the development process while ensuring consideration of all requirements.

Chatbot Platforms

Flow XO

With Flow XO, you will enjoy 100+ integrations with the support of the creation of powerful bots. The platform also supports an easily usable editor. It has many more prebuilt templates that you can adjust to suit your requirements.


It is a critical platform that provides the chatbot developer with more advanced features. The platform supports the addition of content cards and sharing automatic updates to followers. Chatfuel also supports the collection of information from Messenger chats and many other features.

Motion AI

Motion AI supports various services such as building and deploying chatbots of renowned platforms like Slack or FB Messenger. With Motion AI, you can diagram your conversation to understand a bot query’s final visual outcomes.


The creation of bots using Botsify is as simple as using a drag and drop template. The platform makes it easier to develop bots with Smart Ai, machine learning techniques, and integration through plugins.


One distinctive feature on Bottr is the ability to enable the embedment of a bot into the website. You will get the chance to develop a chatbot and embed it on a website of your choice. Also, it supports data coverage through various platforms like Wikipedia and Medium.


It would be easier if you landed a platform reloaded with chatbots readily developed for use. However, you can adjust them to suit your needs and those of users. Furthermore, Chattypeople considers templates in fields such as food, business, commerce, and much more. You have several options to choose the kinds of bots you need.

Beep Boop

Beep Boop is a common bot development platform that supports the development of robust and reliable bots. It provides an easier way of developing slack bots.

QnA Maker

It is another excellent product from Microsoft. Creating a chatbot through QnA Maker is as easy as sharing the URL of your frequently asked questions page. After sharing the link, there is the creation of the bot basing on the available queries.


Other platforms and frameworks will demand that you write some code to get your chatbot working. For such cases, you will need to have extensive knowledge of programming languages. Using such means provides data flexibility through storage. However, you will need more excellent experience to incorporate AI as well as producing data analytics. Some of the code-based platforms include and Aspect CXP-NLU.



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