How to Create an e-Learning Platform of Your Own

Establishing an online presence:

  • Brainstorm ideas for the name. Make a list of names that reflect your likings and niche.
  • Shortlist the names and check the domain availability of your top choices. There are domain checkers that can help you with the task.
  • The name should be short as it will make it easier for users to memorize it.
  • It is better to stay clear of numbers and symbols.

Defining monetizing strategies:

  • A subscription offer is a popular choice as you get to charge a fee on regular basis. It can also cover specific content under different levels of subscription.
  • Learners need to share some personal data before starting a course. These are the well-targeting audience and they offer excellent monetizing opportunities such as advertising.
  • You can offer sponsorship opportunities for companies depending on the courses you offer.

Identifying key features:

Dashboards for instructors and learners:

Authentication method:

Filtering and search engine system:

Payment options:


Course adding and admin panel:

Chat and video systems:

Scheduling appointments:

Multiple languages and currencies:


  • Hire freelancers
  • Outsourcing the project
  • Creating an in-house team




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