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In today’s digital world mobile phones have become a lifeline for individuals. People are using cell phones for almost three hours each day. Mobile phones provide convenience to users in all areas of life. Moreover, nowadays mobile phones are not only used for making calls or SMS but they are accessible for everything such as booking tickets, shopping, entertainment, and other businesses. Some years ago every business from small to large was used to make a website to promote their business online. As the use of mobile increases, these websites are building into a mobile responsive. As time grows mobile apps took the place of websites.

Mobile apps provide many advantages to small and large scale businesses. More importantly, it increases the potential customers and opens up a new market. Moreover, mobile apps are considering as an easy and convenient platform for the promotion of your business.

The mobile apps are a very useful and fast conversation tool for business owners. The business owners could use push notifications to boost the publicity of their business. The businesses with a proactive approach are usually more successful than their competitors. Some things like easing tasks, increasing work productivity, building connections with customers will improve by using a mobile business app.

More importantly, there are several techniques to convert a website into an app. By using these techniques you can create an app with which users can directly interact without putting URL in web browsers. Moreover, you can compare possible cost, speed, and the quality of the final product by using different methods of converting a website into an app.

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Here are some of the techniques to convert a website into an App

* Converters:

There are also some drawbacks to using this technique. You can only use this technique if your website is built with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. The app created through this technique may also lack in features and lagging in performance. You cannot transform your app into a high-grade product in the future.

* Progressive Web App:

The progressive web apps also able to send push notifications. Moreover, you can download a progressive web app on your cell phone. It will turn the website into an app icon on your cell phone. Technically, the app created through this method is a website but it works as an app. So far this method can be used only for android app development and not fully support iOS app development. The performance, animations, and features of the apps created through the technique are not up to mark.

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* Apache Cordova:

* React Native:

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