How to Choose the Right Type of Database for your Enterprise? — Aalpha

Benefits of choosing the right type of database to the enterprise:

Factors to be considered while choosing the right database for your enterprise:

Let’s have a look at the important factors to be taken into account while choosing the right database for your enterprise:Size of data to be stored:

Relational database management systems:

Back in the 1970s, relational databases were developed, in order to manage the rising flood of data that are produced. The relational database management systems (RDBMS) owns a solid foundational theory, also it has affected almost all database system that is used currently. Examples of RDBMS include Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MS Server.

An enterprise can use a relational database in the following cases:

Wide-column store:

Wide-column stores (alternatively known as column stores or extensible record stores) are basically a dynamic column-oriented non-relational type of databases. Occasionally, they are observed as a type of key-value store; however, they have characteristics of conventional relational databases too.

Key-value store:

A key-value store is recognized as a non-relational type of database wherein every value is linked with a precise key. The other name of this database is an associative array. In this database, values get stored as blobs and they do not require a predefined schema. Moreover, they can be taken almost all the forms like counters, strings, numbers, XML, HTML, JSON, PHP, images, binaries, lists, short videos, etc. Examples of key-value store database include Redis and Memcached.

Document store:

A document store is a non-relational kind of database which is capable to stores data in BSON, JSON, or XML documents. Contrasting SQL databases, in which users should define a table’s schema prior to data insertion, document stores actually do not implement document structure. Examples include Couchbase and MongoDB.

Concluding Note:

With an increasing number of data handling uses, the enterprise needs an excellent database for data storage and retrieval. They can use any of these databases to effectively manage the data. If you are looking for custom database development, then feel free to contact us.



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