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In this busy world mental stress has become the main issue for human beings. The stress issues have increased dramatically this year due to the rise of a pandemic like COVID-19. The demand for mindful strategies, therapists, and meditation practices increases as a result of COVID-19.

Meditation is a technique where you close your eyes, keep calm, and think of nothing. Meditation is insanely beneficial and has no side effects whatsoever. In today’s digital world people spent most of their time on cell phones. There is also a famous internet meme, if it exists, there’s an app for it.

There are many meditation apps available in android and apple stores. In a meditation app, users can choose a coach to guide them into a state of peace. The meditation apps also offer soothing music in addition to voice narrations.

As most of the offline businesses show a downward trend due to COVID-19 but the main advantage of meditation is that it can be used by anyone from everywhere. A report shows that about 18 million adults in the US use meditation apps to improve their mental condition. The revenue earned by meditation apps shows an upward trend each year, so it is the proper time to invest in it.

The most successful meditation apps exist so far Headspace and Calm. The Headspace and Calm shows over 10000000 hits and downloads.

The only Headspace generates about $100 million annually. Overall revenue generated by meditation apps is approximately $1.2 billion annually and it is expected to increase up to $2 billion in two years.

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The stages to develop a successful app like Headspace and Calm are discussed below.

Before investing in a meditation app development you have to be clear about the concept of your app. There are different types of meditation apps available in the market.

This type of app consists of pre-recorded meditation tracks. These meditation tracks are divided into different topics like SOS meditation, anxiety or stress reduction, etc. The primary example of a guided meditation app is Headspace. The Headspace provides different meditation courses, short meditation lessons, and animations of meditation techniques.

These types of apps include different relaxation sounds and mantras to meditate. These apps can also track meditation lesson length and provided information about breathing exercises. The main morning meditation app that exists in the market is Calm. The sleep stories, mindful reminders, customized soundtracks, and session history are the main features of the Calm meditation app.

Meditator network apps are those where meditators create a community where they can share experiences. These apps have an FAQ section for beginners and geolocation features. The most popular meditator network app is Insight Timer. Some other types of meditation apps are yoga app, weight loss meditation app, meditation music app, walking meditation app, breathe meditation app, and guided sleep meditation app.

The app’s design plays a very important role in the success or failure of the app. You must use more natural shades instead of bright colors. Another main tip for the success of the mediation app is that you must use animations instead of text. Also, try to avoid overloaded patterns and design elements at once because it could distract users from initial goals.

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There are two main platforms Android and iOS exists for the mobile apps so far. Most of the successful apps are available on both iOS and Android. But if you lack the budget you have to select a platform wisely. The demographic profiles of Android and iOS are different. Before choosing a platform you have to be sure about your target customers, location, education, preferences, and income.

Another main thing you have to take care of is marketing campaigns and an active social media presence. The publicity of the app must encourage users to download and use it daily. You have to motivate app users to listen to take meditation lessons on daily basis and collect points to unlock the next level of the meditation lesson.

It is very beneficial for you to develop an MVP model of the meditation app before the second development stage. In this way, you can save money and analyze the user’s response. Usually, an MVP model of meditation app includes registration, user progress stats, introductory course, limited library with the pre-recorded lesson, gamification to enter new meditation level, etc. You must avoid using sophisticated features like video streams, chats, in-app payment in the MVP model.

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The cost to develop a meditation app depends on different factors like the development team composition, the number and features of platforms, and the hourly development rate. A study shows that the cost to develop a meditation app starts from $20k per platform.

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