How Much Does it Cost to Make an Educational App?


Today, state-of-the-art technologies empower mobile applications, as users can avail digital education at their fingertips. An educational app works as a virtual bridge between teachers and learners. The growing tendency and requirement of e-learning, drive the institutions to launch educational apps for diverse courses. Undoubtedly, the recent trend of educational app accessing makes the institutions and entrepreneurs conscious about the expansion possibility of their business.

Cost of Educational App Development

There are so many factors, which directly define the development cost for educational apps. So, before starting your cost calculator you must consider the relevant features, choice of a specific operating system, time allocation, individual functionalities, etc. Besides, the cost of educational app development also depends on the individual requirements of every course and e-learning trends. Cost also depends on the efficiency of the developer you want to hire for your project. In this case, you can involve an expert team to meet your requirements flawlessly or you can appoint individual freelancers.

As per rough estimation for getting primary, as well as must-have features you have to spend $15,000 to $ 50,000 for a best-in-class educational app. If you want to go through per hour cost in India, then it’s starting range is $18 to $35.

Major Cost Consideration For Educational App

As per the opinion of market analysts, you should always think about the most effective approaches to complement the technical requirements of educational app development. Here you can opt for a native app option or a cross-platform option.

If you decide to develop a native application, then it will run solely on iOS or Android platforms. And due to having competent characteristics to meet the latest consumer demand, the native application development process always requires a high amount of investment. As well as all to complete all individual phases of native application development you should consider a few certain things. Those are the following :

  • Higher Pricing
  • Requirements of highly expert developer
  • An extreme level of efficiency of developers

And, if you like to select cross-platform application development, you can get it in a reasonable pricing structure. And the core phases of cross-platform app development have few certain quality-based cost parameters. Those are :

  • Limited scope for smooth features implementation like animation and 3D objects.
  • Overall low cost.

So, between these two options, you must think about the customized and integration-oriented smooth exposure of a native app. Though, it requires high investment but meets business requirements in a diverse way.

So, just before the essential selection of a tech stack for your educational app development project, you should always take viable ideas from professionals. The particular pattern of services and facilities offered by your institutions define what kind of tools and technologies should be used by the development team to deliver you a viable app. So, ready to consult with professionals before starting your cost calculator for an educational app project.

What Are the Crucial Factors Can Affect Educational App Development?

Here, you will learn about possible factors, which makes a difference in the final cost estimation for an educational app.

With only basic compulsory features, you can get an e-learning app at a low price. But while you want outstanding interactivity to provide your audience with the best experience of hassle-free learning, you need to invest a high amount.

The cost to make an educational app also depends on the type of platform you opt for your business. You can opt for specific integration for IOS, Android, or both.

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The geographical identity of a developer or development team also influences the cost of an e-learning app. In Eastern Europe it can vary from 70 to 180USD, in the US and Canada, it can vary from 100 to 250 USD, in India it can be 20 to 80 USD, in the United Kingdom it can be 90 to 180 USD, in Australia, it can be 100 to 150 USD.

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To get a customized e-learning app, the number of members in a development team also influences the pricing of the app. And here, you must consider this number based on the time, integration level, and complexity of the app.

For a standard e-learning app what kind of team you should appoint is the following:

  • Project manager (1 member)
  • Ux/UI designers (1–2 member)
  • Team leaders (1–2 members)
  • Programmers (2–3 members)
  • Quality analysts (1–2 members)

Today, an educational app scopes the institutions and entrepreneurs to build an expansive market for skilled services and talents. So, the educational app development project is such a platform, where the renowned tech solutions providers show huge interest to experiment with different techniques and tools. And it’s a golden chance for the entrepreneurs to get a competitive educational app with a reasonable pricing structure utilizing the profitable scheme offered by the best tech solutions provider. As per the expectation of the tech market analysts, the value of the educational app market will reach up to $46 billion by 2024.

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Originally published at on November 17, 2020.



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