How Much does it Cost to Hire a Software Tester In India?

The quality of a software product determines its success. A website of an application cannot perform well if there are functionality and UI issues in it. The software development team comprises several team members belonging to different skill sets. These include software developers, testers, analysis team, designers, business executives, etc.

All these team members work together to develop the end product according to the needs and requirements of users. The role of a software tester is vital because their job is to execute test cases and scenarios and improve the quality of the software product.

Alpha Information systems have a team of highly skilled software testers who work efficiently and effectively to ensure that the product is bug-free.

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Cost to Hire a Software Tester In India

India is among the top IT hubs in the world and contains a large pool of software professionals. The software testers from India are a preferred choice for various projects on different platforms because the pay scale is relatively is lower than in other countries.

The average salary range for a software tester in India is mentioned below along with the job level:

What does a software tester do?

The role of a software quality assurance engineer is vital in ensuring that the quality of the product is not compromised. The tester approves the application and then it is moved to production. Even before handling the website or product to the customers, a thumbs up from a quality assurance manager is required.

The job responsibilities of a software tester involve testing the application and compose documentation related to testing. The testers are involved in the project from the initial stage as understanding the core requirements of the product is vital in ensuring that it works according to the requirements of the client.

The testing team comprises of the following team members and each member plays their part to perform comprehensive testing of the product and test all possible scenarios.

  • Test manager
  • Test Engineers
  • Automation Engineer

The activities mostly performed by the QA team include the following:

  • Detailed analysis of Sofware requirements documents to develop a deep understanding of all the features and functionalities of the software product
  • Implementing tests and ensuring that each possible scenario, platform, and resolution is tested during the process
  • Communicate with the business analysts and discuss requirements and expected results of the functionalities
  • Communicate with the website designers and make the website look user friendly and attractive
  • Designing test cases covering all the modules and functionalities
  • Planning tests and distributing test cases and modules among the team members
  • Testing strategy
  • Documenting issues and bugs so that these can be fixed by the development team
  • Verify that there is no ripple effect of the fixed issues

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Skills Required in a Software Tester

The skills required for a software tester to perform well and maintain the quality of the products are mentioned below:

Communicating with other teams is a major part of the job description of a software tester. They need to interact with the developers, designers, and business analysts to convey issues and understand business and technical requirements associated with a software product. With clear and concise communication, the testers can extract the required information from other teams and test all the possible scenarios in a module.

A tester must be a keen problem solver and must be able to look for solutions quickly and intelligently. This helps them in suggesting improvements along with reporting issues.

Strong technical knowledge is mandatory for a tester to perform well and deliver great results. A tester must have background knowledge of the development life cycle and quality assurance. The testing professionals must be aware of all the testing types, tools, and techniques to carry out high-quality and robust testing of the product.

The software industry is progressing with each passing day. New technologies, platforms, and tools are being developed continuously. The tester must be able to keep up with the ever-changing technology trends and learn new things. This will help them in testing the application according to the upcoming trends in the market.

A tester needs to have strong writing skills so that they can report bugs in a manner that the developer understands them clearly. Testing also involves composing test cases and other testing documents.


A software tester is an important part of the software development team and ensures that the quality of the product is maintained. Their job is to test the website or application according to the requirements presented by the clients and deliver the best results.

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