How Much does it Cost to Hire a Java Developer in India


Owing to Java’s versatility, all big companies have an all-time opening to hire the best java developers in town. As technology has taken over almost everything, from trade and commerce to education and businesses, having excellent Java knowledge will give you an upper hand in this competitive world.

Before knowing how much it cost to hire a Java developer in India, let us first understand what Java and Java developers mean.

What is Java? And Why is it used?

As it was previously called, Java or Oak is a programming language based on C and C++, which is class-based, concurrent, and based on Object-Oriented Programming principles. As computer language changes, big companies such as Amazon, Goldman Sachs, and Flipkart use Java programming. The following are the reasons companies and organizations prefer Java over any other programming language.

  1. Stable language with proven track and establishes best practices.
  2. Backward compatibility: codes written in a much older version can still be worked on with the latest technology using Java.
  3. Ability to work in large teams: static typing, interfaces, and design patterns make it easier to use for large meetings.
  4. Immediate hiring and Quality Jobs as most firms require Java programmers/developers.

Java is used in the following industry and for the following reasons.

Android applications, web applications, trading applications, big data technologies, payment portals or apps, e-commerce, are to name some.

Who is a Java Programmer or Developer?

Java Developer is the one who Integrates Java software, business applications, and websites. He/she should understand the client’s vision of a particular project and devise an appropriate course or plan of action to follow. In order to achieve the desired results, he/she should write code that is aligned and fulfills the customer’s vision. He/she should also determine or check the product. i.e., the code satisfies the customer’s requirement. And, if any issues exist, the java developer should solve it quickly. Hence, Rectify existing issues as soon as possible. Finally, the java developer needs to deploy the code in the live environment.

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What are the factors that affect the cost of hiring a Java developer in India?

Skills play a significant role in determining the pay scale of a Java developer. The more skilled developer, the more will be your payscale. Skills that are more valuable as a Java developer are

Java/J2EE, RESTful website services, Hibernate, Spring, Structured Query Language (SQL), Eclipse JAVA Integrated Development Environment (IDE), Apache Struts, and Javascript. Higher pay is guaranteed if you have mastered all these skills.

The more skilled a java developer is, the more prosperity comes in your business. as they can handle much more than just doing their assigned work.

The next factor is undeniable; it is the company. The hiring cost also varies with the difference in the company’s prosperity. Location/city also plays a vital role in determining the hiring cost. If the demand for Java developers exceeds its supply in certain places, then the hiring cost will be high and vice versa.

Years of experience are also considered. The more experience a developer has, the more will be the hiring cost.

Freelance Java developers prefer working on a weekly or hourly package. On average, a Java Developer earns $7 per hour. On the other hand, a java developer can earn up to $9802.23 approximately.

There are four significant roles under which a java developer falls.

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The following are the things a Java Developer should be good at in order to make a high pay.

  1. Being up to date with Java8 and Java9; makes the developer stay relevant to the job market and always be at the edge of productivity.
  2. IntelliJ or Eclipse; this makes the Java developer more skilled and different from other java developers out there.
  3. Spring framework
  4. Spring boot.
  5. Test-driven development.
  6. System design.
  7. Object-oriented analysis and design
  8. Relational databases, Structured Query Language (SQL), and Object Relational Mapping (ORM).


A Java developer or programmer is the one on whose development the firm depends on. As technology expands, the need for a good programmer who understands the old code as well is intact. A skilled Java developer brings much more than just being a developer in your firm.

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