How Much does an AWS Consultant Charge on Hourly Basis in India

Who is an AWS consultant?

AWS consultants are specialists with specialization in several areas of cloud computing. they will use their cloud experience to supply ideal steerage on best practices for cloud styles and deployments.

Skills to examine while hiring an AWS consultant

The hourly rate of an AWS consultant depends upon his skill set. Therefore, for hiring an AWS consultant he/she should possess the necessary skills. Freelancers can be hired as AWS consultants after verifying their skills. The following are some skills an AWS consultant should possess.

  • AWS certificate is mandatory.
  • A domain-based certificate is preferable.
  • At least 3 years of experience as an AWS consultant.
  • Extensive knowledge of Java, C#, OpenShift, Ruby, and python.
  • Firsthand experience on AWS infrastructure.
  • Command in continuous integration and continuous delivery.
  • Proficiency in writing scripts for EC2 instances load balancing and auto-scaling.
  • Ability to design an AWS network with extensive knowledge of DNS, HTTP, CDN, and VPN.

AWS hourly rate in India

The main issue that determines the AWS consultants’ hourly rate is that the consultant’s expertise. The years of expertise of a consultant directly replicate their capability for addressing your project desire efficiently. Here are several tips that will help in determining the hourly rates of AWS consultants.

Tips to hire an AWS consultant at a fair price

It is essential to keep in mind some certain things while hiring an AWS consultant at a fair price. Here are some important factors one should consider while hiring an AWS consultant.



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