How Much Does a Responsive Web Design Cost?


Internet is no longer a luxury but has become a necessity. It has become so integrated into our lives that it is hard to imagine life without it. Businesses use the internet to reach out to a global audience and earn a better profit. Whether your business runs offline or online, it is important to have a good online presence.

Every business needs to have a website. A good website makes it easier for businesses to share important information and do some marketing at the same time. The design, layout, and efficiency of the websites have improved with time.

Nowadays more than 50 % of the internet comes from smartphones. If you plan on growing the business and keeping up with the competition then it is wise to invest in a responsive website design.

A responsive website design is better than a normal website as it offers a better user experience. The responsive design is created using a coding language that allows it to detect the screen size of the device. It can adjust the design and structure of the website to accommodate different screens.

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A responsive web design is a worthy investment as it pays off well. Here are a few objectives of investing in a responsive website:

  • It ensures that the users have the best user experience no matter what device they are using
  • It can easily support devices of all shapes and sizes
  • Saves you from the trouble of creating and maintaining a separate mobile-friendly website
  • No need to invest in mobile apps to make sure that the website functions efficiently on all devices

Building a website is going to cost you money. The cost of the website can vary based on its type, structure, and features. Generally, building the structure of the website can cost from $2,500 to $3.500. The estimate is just for creating the structure of the website. Other things add to the cost of the website such as web hosting services, secure website certificates, domain registration, etc. With all these factors the cost of building the foundation of the website can go up to $2,700 to $3,700.

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A responsive website is viewed on a variety of devices which means it is going to reach a larger number of audiences so it should have good quality and amount of content and images. Engaging the viewers and encouraging them to explore the website is no easy task.

Focusing on the quality of the content is crucial because even if you manage to attract viewers with an attractive design you will not be able to retain them if the content is not up to standard. To create exceptional content you should consider hiring professional content writers. It is going to cost you but it is also an investment worth making.

You should also consider hiring skilled web designers as they are aware of the techniques that can optimize the website and improve its visibility.

Here are some important optimizing techniques professional writers and web designers’ use:

  • Writing small and descriptive paragraphs that are easy for viewers to read
  • Making images part of the strategy rather than randomly outing them on the page
  • Using compressed and embedded images to ensure fast loading time
  • Testing the resolution of the images before adding
  • Ensuring optimal results by testing mobile loading speed

To improve the aesthetics and functionality of a responsive website you can add some custom features. Incorporating custom features to the web design improves viewer engagement and is effective in improving the ranking of the website as well.

The custom features you decide to add depending on the type of services or product you are offering on your site.

  • Additional features like social media feed are a great choice because they encourage customers to share the website and its content on their social media profiles and increase its visibility.
  • The feature of advanced product filter offers a better user experience as it makes it easier for them to find what they are looking for.
  • Adding a custom payment gateway creates an effortless conversion and browsing experience

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Different custom features have different costs so make sure that you know your budget before making any decision. Here is a list of custom features with an estimated cost.

The cost of a responsive website is higher than a normal website because:

  • It needs more planning
  • Requires more development
  • Needs more testing upfront

Building a responsive website costs more than a normal website and requires more upfront work but it is an investment worth making. It offers better visibility and helps in building a wider clientele.

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Originally published at on November 7, 2020.



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