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PrestaShop is an excellent addition to the e-commerce world. It is a shopping cart platform that offers its services to large and small business free of cost. Moreover, it is a suitable platform for building a beautiful and attractive online store. It was developed in 2007 in France and is free to download.

PrestaShop understands the potential of online stores and supports new businesses by offering services for free. It is a popular choice for developing an e-commerce business because it does not ask for monthly fees or commissions on sales.

It forms partnerships with industry leaders like Paypal, eBay, Google, etc. The platform shares efficient and powerful e-commerce software with online businesses. Strategic partnerships are established by Prestashop helps in empowering the users as it offers exciting features to the users and offers financial support for the progress of the platform.

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What does PrestaShop offer?

It is an amazing e-commerce platform because it has several great opportunities to offer. It has features that make it easier to establish an online store and reach out to target customers.

The key features:

  • It is an open-source and free platform for setting up and managing online shops
  • PrestaShop comes with a wide variety of themes and modules. You have more than 1000 modules and themes at your disposal. They can help in creating a unique and memorable web design.
  • The platform is available in more than 25 languages which provide online stores an opportunity to widen their clientele and build long term relationship with different countries.
  • PrestaShop is equipped with more than 500 built-in features
  • It offers intuitive and powerful management areas and product creation
  • The platform has more than one shopping cart tools and checkouts so that the online shop is compliant with the laws of different countries

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Marketing features:

Online stores need to do a lot of hard work to establish a reliable reputation. PrestaShop is considered an excellent platform for online stores because it has useful marketing tools. The marketing tools PrestaShop has to offer are:

  • PrestaShop has a lot of great special offers. It offers quick discounts and coupon codes for the customers. They are effective in getting the attention of clients and help the business earn good profit.
  • The online store can offer free shipping on all or some products. Free shipping is highly profitable for sales of the online store.
  • Online stores can create a homepage and use it to promote popular products and offer product suggestions.
  • Online businesses get an opportunity to put product promotions on the homepage so that the customers do not miss an opportunity to save money on shopping. Good sales are always good for enhancing the profits of the shop.

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Multiple payment processes:

PrestaShop has a lot of benefits to offer and one of them is offering more than one payment process. It allows online stores to accept payment from more than 45 countries as it works in more than 130 currencies.

The availability of multiple payment methods helps improve the conversion rate.PrestaShop is partners with popular platforms like Paypal, Amazon Pay, etc.

How much does PrestaShop cost?

Development cost:

To compete with other online stores you will hire skilled developers that have the skills to engage customers and encourage them to buy what you are offering.

Here is an overview of how much PrestaShop development can cost:

  • The highest price observed in the USA is $120 to $125.
  • In the UK the development can cost $65 to $70
  • The prices vary in European countries but the approximate cost is $60 to $80.
  • If you are looking for low development rates then you should consider Asia where the approximate Prestashop E-commerce cost is $35 or South America where it is $15-$20.
  • The development cost can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. The hourly rate of agencies also varies depending on the skill and experience of their developers.

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Cost of extensions and themes:

PrestaShop has an extensive collection of modules and their prices vary depending on the features and functionality they have to offer. The majority of the add-ons have a minimum price range of $30-$50. Sophisticated modules cost $80-$100 while the modules with advanced features are expensive and cost approximately $250-$550.

The cheapest themes have an approximate cost of $45-$60. The price range of the themes can go as up as $300.

Hosting cost:

PrestaShop has open-source software that e-commerce can use but if you are using it then you will be responsible for finding web hosting for the online store. Several reliable hosts are perfect for your online store like Bluehost, Inmotion hosting, etc. Make sure you take a careful look at the specific features a hosting company is offering before choosing one.


PrestaShop is a useful and essential platform for e-commerce. Use it well and you will be able to establish a profitable online store.

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