How Good is Alibaba Cloud Compared to PaaS Providers?


Alibaba Cloud

Cloud computing has transformed contemporary information technology. Businesses are migrating their on-premises data centers to the cloud to save money and improve their agility. Businesses that formerly built brand new data centers are increasingly opting for cloud computing to avoid the high expenses involved with designing, constructing, commissioning, and maintaining a new installation.

Cloud providers such as Alibaba Cloud computing provide many capabilities that enable even the most prominent businesses to duplicate their sophisticated data centers off-site.

Cloud computing by Alibaba

According to Gartner’s research, Alibaba Cloud maintains a strong position among cloud service providers. Founded in 2009 to support the Alibaba Group’s platform, it provides a variety of cloud services to companies worldwide.

Alibaba’s Cloud Computing Market Share

Alibaba Cloud computing has the largest market share in China and Asia-Pacific for IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) and IUS (Infrastructure as a Service) (Infrastructure Utility Services). Alibaba’s cloud market share will increase to 6% by 2020, making it Asia’s most considerable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider. Alibaba Cloud experienced positive profits growth for the first time in 11 years, owing to COVID-19, which sparked a global surge in cloud use and digitization.

Alibaba Cloud Services

The Alibaba Cloud computing offers PaaS and IaaS services. It creates VMs (virtual machines) using the Elastic Compute Service by using both the Xen and KVM (Kernel-based virtual machine) hypervisors part of Alibaba’s cloud architecture. Additionally, Alibaba provides an Object Storage service, a CDN (content delivery network), a Docker-based Cloud Container Service, a pre-configured private cloud Apsara Stack, various Apsara DB-based databases services, and a Cloud Intelligence Brain (an AI platform).

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Cost of Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud is about 25% less expensive than other cloud service providers. Compared to other cloud providers, Alibaba Cloud has a slower response time in countries such as the United States of America. On the other hand, Alibaba Cloud has a higher CPU and memory usage rate than international cloud providers, making it more suited for hosting big application workloads in the area.

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Alibaba’s Cloud Capability

Alibaba Cloud’s PaaS and IaaS offerings are similar in availability, performance, and security to those of other service cloud providers. Alibaba Cloud computing solutions are available to businesses in Asia-Pacific and China that want to use cloud services at scale in this global region. Moreover, Alibaba Cloud is well-suited for hosting big applications and is scalable enough to support a high volume of users.

Benefits of Alibaba’s Cloud

Private ISPs cannot compete with Alibaba Cloud services like Express Connect. A 15% packet loss was seen while accessing the public Internet while using Alibaba Cloud. Alibaba Cloud’s network stability outperformed the public ISP by 75% for traffic between the US and China! This is because Alibaba Cloud has limitless bandwidth and a better-established infrastructure in South Asia and China.

What is Platform as a Service (PaaS)?

A service platform (PaaS) is a kind of cloud computing that enables users to create and deploy apps and services via a Wide Area Network (WAN) or the Internet. The consumer is not responsible for managing or maintaining the platform software, middleware, or cloud infrastructure.

Advantages for Business

PaaS frees up human resources, allowing consumers to concentrate on core businesses and content delivery rather than platform software and its underlying IT infrastructure, which provide little value to the company. Additionally, PaaS enables consumers to reduce the time required to provide their runtime environment from a few weeks to a few minutes with the proper service level agreement in place.

Advantages in terms of technology

In response to changes in the need for processing power, PaaS allows the user to alter processing capacity vertically and horizontally by adding additional CPU and memory, such as extending an ApsaraRDS instance and adding a replica to enhance the data read capability. PaaS typically incorporates value-added services such as IaaS, which offer the platform resources complete billing, monitoring, log access, security, and high availability.

Cloud Services That Are Both Powerful and Convenient

Hundreds of architectural server configurations, including virtual machines, Bare metal instances, and even super calculation clusters, are supported in Alibaba Cloud ECS. You may optimize your server for raw computing, memory, or big data. A range of operating systems and predefined graphics are available.

If you are sure that your bandwidth needs, i.e., the outgoing internet traffic from your server, will remain reasonably consistent, you may choose to pay for this traffic on a per-bandwidth basis. If your traffic is less predictable, you may choose a more flexible plan that charges a modest price for each gigabyte utilized.


The ECS service from Alibaba Cloud enables businesses and IT professionals to design and build sophisticated cloud-based networks and data centers. If you are not an IT professional and want to build a cloud server, using the SaaS service will be much less intimidating.

SaaS enables you to quickly deploy a fully functioning cloud server, replete with WordPress or another market-leading application already installed. It is optimal for small businesses and startups.

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