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iOS is a famous operating system well known for its advanced. Demand for iOS is increasing day by day as it is user-friendly. iOS dominates in the US and European markets.

iOS is introduced by Apple which is their App Store. Apple has availed an opportunity by building its presence in the market by launching applications in the App store. Nowadays some companies and freelancers provide iOS app development.

iOS’s operating system is liked by the users as it is easy to interact with. However, the development task of iOS applications asks for expert developers compromising exceptional skillset.

Factors to look at before choosing an iOS developer

The first step is to understand why you need an iOS app developer. There may be multiple reasons for hiring a developer which may be:

  • A business owner owns an iOS app development company and requires an expert IOS app developer.
  • One may have ample IOS developers but may require an IOS developer with exceptional skills.
  • A client has offered a complex project that requires a specialized iOS developer which a business owner does not have in his\her company.

One must be crystal clear on why to look for an IOS developer. This process helps in defining the project desired and the job requirements.

After completing with understanding the objective of why an iOS app developer is required, sit down with the iOS app development team and brainstorm ideas to discuss the iPhone, iPad, iMac app development requirements in detail.

This stage is an important one, searching for the right team to develop your iOS operating system app development will help in determining the right skilled, experienced, and expert developers for a project.

Decide whether you require a particular skillset for your project. Some factors a business owner may look for are:

  • Years of experience.
  • Expert in designing UI/UX for iOS apps.
  • Knowledge or experience regarding trending technologies such as AI, AR, VR, etc.
  • Any project-specific skills, experience, or expertise.

After the process of screening all the applicants, shortlist the ones that acquire the skills regarding your desired project.

Based on the shortlist, one can confirm what is required for hiring an iOS developer for their project.

After shortlisting the candidates knowing their extra skillset and expertise, call the best ones for a formal interview.

Interviews can be held either face-to-face or online in the employer’s office. Before calling for the interviews prepare the questions which are to be asked, this way the employer may be ready. Ask the candidates questions related to their skills, present technologies, past experiences, short and term goals, and future career plans.

While listing down the questions which are to be asked from an iOS app developer, one needs to make sure to ask a possible tricky question related to the iOS operating system.

Some of these questions may be related to their knowledge or experience. Ask questions such as

  • What steps may the developer take to increase app performance?
  • How to assign certain notifications?
  • Do they acquire any experience in creating AR/VR?
  • What steps will they take to make the application secure?
  • How will they optimize user experience?

Employers can find if the candidate is aware of the latest technology by asking a question such as

  • Which iOS version has the recently designed?
  • What is Swift?
  • Does swift had an update recently?
  • Which are the latest iOS apps that have become a success?

After asking the questions from the iOS app developers, hire iOS developer, and set boundaries by communicating with the developer about everything.

Communicate about everything from company policies to the iOS app development project requirements. This process gives a direct understanding of the work that is required and gives the iOS developer what is expected from him/her.

iOS Developer Hourly Rate in India

Some cost factors include the following

The experience of the iOS developer plays a major role in their hourly rate, the more experienced the developers are the more they cost. Developers can be categorized into three levels which are.

Junior-level developer compromises basic skills with little or no experience regarding development. They can be hired as internees.

Middle-level iOS developers are experienced developers with experience from 3–5 years. They can fix the complexities of the code and can perform complex projects. On average middle-level iOS developer hourly rate is $ 18.

Senior iOS developers are the highest in demand in the market. They have experience of more than 5 years. Senior developers are not only good at the coding phase and graphic interface, but they also deal with security checks and testing the product. Senior iOS developer hourly rate is $ 40.

There three ways to employ an iOS developer.

  • Form a team of in-house developers
  • Hire an outsource company
  • Hire a Freelancer

Forming an in-house team of developers can be quite expensive and time-consuming. Considering taking care of workspace, software, hardware, taxes, etc. A mid-level iOS developer’s rate is $40 per hour.

This is a popular option in terms of hiring a software team. Hiring from a hub of talent is a good strategy. Outsource company provides software developers who are exceptional in their skills, they provide security and safe passage for a project. Cost varies from region to region. In India, the iOS Developer Hourly Rate $ 15 per.

Freelancers are good for performing specific tasks such as fixing bugs or eliminating glitches. Working full-time with freelancers can be a risky process as they tend to miss deadlines. Therefore, freelancers should be assigned a specific part of a project.

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