Healthcare Technology Stack 2022 and Beyond

Healthcare Technology Stack

What is a Tech Stack Used for?

Benefits of Tech stacks in healthcare development

  • Benefits to the doctors,
  • Benefits to the patients
  • Benefits to healthcare organizations

Benefits to the doctors

Benefits to patients

Benefits to healthcare providers

What to consider when choosing a Healthcare tech stack

  • Integration with other systems
  • Know your Target audience
  • Should be User friendly i.e. UI/UX
  • Data security

How to choose the right tech stack for a specific need

  • The language or languages you intend to use for development
  • The operating system(OS) you want to install on
  • Database technologies you will use
  • The technical assistance you might need or require in the development

How tech stacks are contributing to the development of healthcare systems

Practice Management System

Patient portals and Mobile Apps,



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