• Fonkwofri


  • Kelly Barner

    Kelly Barner

    Kelly brings a unique perspective and boundless enthusiasm to procurement, supply chain, webinars, collaboration, and communication. Carpe Diem!

  • Surya Prakash

    Surya Prakash

  • Liraz Margalit

    Liraz Margalit

    Liraz serves as Customer Experience Psychologist at ClickTale. Her analyses incorporate theory and academic research into a conceptual framework that creates in

  • Kristen Wilson

    Kristen Wilson

    All about that biz! Love helping Biz owners w/ SEO, PPC, SM, website stuff & protecting their biz legally. Shooting, motorcycles, softball, Ritas & pizza!

  • Zully Chumpitaz

    Zully Chumpitaz

  • Skylynn


    Live, Laugh, Love ✨

  • deb talbot

    deb talbot

    On a new journey in 2013 and getting out of my comfort zone!

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