Elements of a Good User Experience Design — Aalpha

  • Context: Context consists of the relevance of the information you give out to the targeted users. The information provided should be easily understandable.
  • Users: This is the targeted users who are searching for specified information on the website.
  • Content: When coming up with the content, use all the elements such as the images, icons, videos, and texts should work together to catch the attention of the user in the entire process.
  • Easy-to-go Navigation: If you can browse through the website with ease, then finding the correct information becomes effortless as well.
  • Organizing Structure: It involves how you categorize, organize, and structure the information.
  • Improved Search Systems: It improves how the users search and find the information.
  • Website Labeling: It involves arranging the information in a simplified way
  • Visual Presentation: Visual presentation consists of the use of icons and images that interprets the actual words. Instead of writing the content in words, the content is transmitted through the use of skeuomorphic design, which is an essential aspect in the process of creating a UX design.
  • Words: A design needs to have content in terms of words. The words used should be easy to read and understand. The most important thing is the choice of words to be used. Select the words that go hand in hand with the actions required.
  • Response: Response shows how often the users get feedback. A good example is when the user clicks on a given button. They should get whatever they are searching for instantly.
  • Designing for Touch points: This means that the selected design should be useful on all platforms because users use different devices like tablets, applications, or even desktops. The design should apply to all these devices without any difficulties.



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