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Difference between Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality

The online world has gone too far to think about, and now the thing we used to imagine and the technologies we used to see only in movies are becoming reality day by day. Though we are familiar with the term virtual reality, and it’s no more unique thing to be considered, there is something that very few people know of and is considered a revolution in the online world of these virtual realities, which is Metaverse. Metaverse has taken over all the online and e-commerce platforms by suggesting that we can use all three technologies: virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality. Some of you May not have heard of mixed reality though it is a whole new technology in the market and is making its name astonishingly fast.

Augmented reality

As the word augmented suggests adding more, add something big, the term augmented reality means adding something significant to this natural world. Augmented reality has been known for some time and used for many purposes. The natural world adds some additional features in augmented reality, and you will wonder how that is even possible. Augmented reality doesn’t require any headset or other controller-like devices; instead, there are mobile applications that provide augmented reality features.

What’s new ?

In augmented reality, you see the same world around you as you see with your eyes, but you can modify the view around you by using the applications that support augmented reality. For example, you have a space in your TV lounge, and you want to cover it, but you don’t know what suits this place more, a sofa or a mattress or a chair.

To overcome this problem, augmented reality uses the apps built for augmented reality. We can see what suits that place most. Just open the app, choose the attribute you want and point the camera toward where you want to put something. It will show you different options with various modifications in real-time, just as you are having that sofa or mattress, and there you can see what suits that place most.

Similarly happens with the other products. By using augmented reality, you can modify your car in-app by pointing your camera toward the car and applying the modifications in-app it will make changes to the car in real-time and choose what to do.

Mixed reality

However, mixed reality is a whole new term and a whole new experience. However, it is not very much in use very because of the concept it carries. Mixed reality is just like augmented reality, which adds both interactions with the natural world and recognition of real-world objects. Mixed reality provides the same as virtual environment and augmented reality simultaneously but with some extra features that are touching and feeling them just as they are in the real world.


In virtual reality, you cannot physically interact with objects around you. Though you can carry things around with the help of a controller, you cannot change the chemistry of objects around, but with mixed reality, you can do that. In mixed reality, people can interact with the virtual environment and change the way objects are around just like they are doing them in real life.

For example, the toy wants to build a city model but in a robust way. Then if you use the recent technology, it may not be the same as you wanted, but with mixed reality, you can do whatever you want by making the changes around the city, escape with your own hands and placing things around the way you want by just holding them with your hand although this all happens in a virtual environment, not, in reality, you will be able to make changes in them just as the real world.

Mixed reality requires headsets. However, they are not entirely the same as augmented reality, but they have many things in common.

Final Word

Mixed reality is a whole new technology, and it is still developing where virtual reality and augmented reality are in daily life use and has made things simple. Although mixed reality has excellent potential, augmented reality and mixed reality will soon take over virtual reality, but it is a gradual process.

Also, mixed reality is a bit expensive compared to virtual or augmented realities, but with the features, the price of mixed reality will not be an issue for the industrial race. It may be difficult for a person to have these devices that support mixed reality, but for an organization, it will not be a problem as they must compete in the market against the world, and it only happens with the latest technology.

Augmented reality has already made the world so easy that we can solve any problem with the help of augmented reality, and it’s not just limited to that. There is much more to explore, but the concept of mixed reality is a whole new level of these extended realities.

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