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Understanding Product Roadmap

In simplified terms, it is a streamlined step for product development. Since there are many techniques involved in product development, some essential features, technology trends, and how the product will be useful, all these elements are combined in the product roadmap.

Uses of a Product Roadmap

You may wonder why you need the product roadmap when you have all the details of the project.

Components of a Product Roadmap

When a company creates a roadmap, there are two forms of the audience involved, which are internal (The product team) and the external audience (the customers)

Planning a Product roadmap Using Time Horizons

  • Milestones- Milestones help you to check with your team progress to ensure you all are on the right track and the roadmap is useful and updated.
  • Themes- A theme means a high-level prioritized goal in product management. It all depends on the type of product and the requirements which enable you to prioritize tasks.
  • Epics- Epics include features with a common objective. In every theme, you will have some epics or features for each topic.
  • Stories- They include specified steps you ought to take to attain some goals. You must be specific with what you want to do.

Types of Product Roadmaps

Let’s briefly review the popular roadmaps types:

Importance of Product Roadmaps

  • They explain priorities to both the external and internal audience.
  • They show how the company prioritizes the product requirements according to the strategies used.
  • Product roadmaps help stakeholders understand all the tech needs and business language.
  • The roadmaps help track the feedback from users and respond to such feedback.
  • Enables different teams to work together well.

Building a Product Roadmap

  • Customers. Be keen on the value the product offers to the customer. It should be easy to use and solve the problems of the customer.
  • Investors- Check on the revenue aspects
  • Developers. With developers, concentrate on tech trends and feature like stories, epics, among others.
  • Sales & marking teams. Check on the features of the product.

Which Software Can You Use to Create Roadmaps?

We have mentioned above the software that assists in building roadmaps. Let us explore them further.


With an Agile roadmap, you can see and weigh the direction of the product. Once you achieve one goal, remember to keep the system updated. It all relies on the type of product; you will know how often you need to update it.



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