Components of a Website Navigation System : Aalpha

Components of a Website Navigation System

What should website navigation accomplish?

  • Permit users to pick from a limited number of available pages.
  • Label the pages to which navigation tabs lead with unambiguous labels.
  • Adapt your website to the demands of its visitors.
  • Tell individuals where they are and how to get home.
  • Offer a search feature.

Navigational System Components

Navigational System Categories

Navigation Patterns

  • Content-Based: On each page, the navigational choices are identical. It may indicate a flat or hierarchical structure.
  • Menu-Driven: A primary menu offers access to sub-modules. Navigating between displays is prohibited and primarily used for device interfaces.
  • Transactional: Provides feedback on the current phase of a sequential process and the opportunity to return to an earlier step. Your design should consider how the user will navigate between screens and pages.

Guidelines for Website Navigation

  • Be consistent.
  • Design for all screen resolutions
  • Provide easy access to the most vital facts.
  • Include breadcrumbs.



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