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Community App Development : Features & Costs

Every aspect of life focuses on advancing its operations through digital solutions, and so does the community. It is for this reason that community apps are being developed. But what does community app development entail? Community App Development involves the development of applications that promote online communities. Like ordinary basic communities, online communities operate in a way that allows different people from different spans to share common interests, interactions, and goals. Therefore, it is just an application with a specific niche and goal. In this instance, the goal is to allow people to share common interests, skills, and goals and get support from the online community.

With a community app, users can connect with people within their neighborhood, people with common interests or like-mindedness, and familiar professionals. Because community apps are helpful to users, it is essential to understand much about community app development, including the costs involved in the development process. For this reason, this piece explores the ins and outs of community app development. But before we dive further, let’s first understand the fundamentals. How does the Community app work?

The Community App Functionality

It is essential to properly understand how the community app works before diving into its development. The fundamental operation of the Community App is similar to that of other related applications. Let’s explore the step-by-step operation of this kind of application.

The app incorporates a registration interface to allow users to register with their details and have accounts on the app. You only need an email and phone number to create an account on the community app. The processing of registering an account on the app is quite simple and not any different from any other registration-enabled application.

The Community App already has a wide range of communities. After creating an account with login credentials, you can log into your Community app and connect with different communities available within the app. All you need to do is check the available communities in your best interests.

As stated initially, the Community App offers a wide range of communities once you log into your account. Joining a given community is only one tap away. All you need to do is find a suitable community that fits your desires perfectly and tap to enter it. Community Apps also allow you to create new communities. Therefore, you can make your community and invite members to join.

Community Apps come with so many features to enjoy; among them, you will have access to engaging posts. Community members can easily share posts in groups so that anyone can access them. Therefore, you will enjoy limitless access to posts shared by other community members. You can access all kinds of updates within the community app, be it videos, links, pictures, or any other substantial thing shared within your community of interest.

As a community-based application, the app has many members you can link with. You can always create direct connections with such members when you follow them for direct messaging within the community app.

Another critical element about Community Apps is that you will get informed through messages, posts, comments, or any other related information shared within the group or community. Furthermore, you can personalize your experience within the app by setting your notification preferences.

With a proper understanding of how the Community app operates, it is now possible to dive into the development process considering all the operational features related to the app. But then, why should a business have a Community App in the first place?

Investing in Community App Development

Every business needs to implement something that propels it to grow, and Community App is one such thing. Due to its importance, having communities within firms is one of the most significant trends in the business sector. With community apps, users within the business environment can always have a place to share business ideas, talk to each other, or just get involved. According to statistics, building busy communities works best with social media platforms, specifically Facebook and Instagram. Most importantly, the studies project that the markets for community software will likely shoot to a CAGR growth rate by 2027. It is expected to reach around $3.2 billion. Below is an approach to Community App Development.

A Strategic Guide to Community App Development

It is possible that you need to develop a community app, or you will at some point need to. Developing a community app requires some development expertise, but the fundamental thing is to first understand the app’s functionality, which is discussed in the previous section. Having gone through the section, we navigate to the steps involved in building the Community App. Let’s dive right into it.

Steps Involved in Community App Development

Before starting the development process, you must develop a proper user interface for the community app. When designing the UI, always create an appealing, user-friendly interface that fosters interaction. It is also essential to incorporate critical features for the app to ensure that it meets most, if not all, community needs. Make the app more intuitive to facilitate content progress and communication within the application.

After properly designing the UI, you can head to development by choosing a community app development strategy. It is essential to establish the platform on which your app will run, whether it is an iOS or Android application. Establishing the available technical skills and the budget to develop is also essential. You can create the app yourself if you have the potential and abilities. However, you must consider an Android or iOS app development company to do the development for you, as they have experience and provide professional services.

After the community app’s development process is over, thorough tests for performance, functionality, and bug detection should be performed. During app testing, user feedback should also be collected to identify areas that need polishing. With proper testing, the Community app will be more refined and give users a better experience. Upon completion of the testing phase, you can launch the app.

The launch of the Community app does not mark the end of its development but the start of keeping it in operation. That’s why you should not miss the maintenance phase. In the maintenance phase, it is essential to monitor the community app analytics and user information to improve the app experience. It is also essential to ensure occasional updates aimed at upgrading security measures, new features, and bug fixes.

The Cost of Building a Community App

You must understand the cost of building a community app so that you can set your budget even before development. Developing a community app ranges between $10,000 and $25,000. However, the app development costs may vary depending on the features to include in the app, the design, and the complexity involved in the development process.

A simple community app will require lesser costs because it entails the most basic functions, including messaging, user profiles, and forums. Incorporating advanced features during the development process means you must increase your budget. Advanced Community Apps incorporate high-end and costly features, including multimedia sharing, geolocation services, and real-time chat features.

Therefore, as a breakdown, the estimated cost for a simple community app ranges between $10000 and $15000. A medium community app with medium features ranges between $15000 and $20000, while a complex one can cost around $25000. It is advisable to go for a custom mobile app development company for exact development costs since each company has its own exact cost breakdowns based on what you need and the available budget. It is also essential to understand that you will need to maintain the community app; therefore, the process will demand maintenance costs. It is important to note that app maintenance costs vary considerably depending on the initial app development costs. The maintenance cost should cover occasional updates, bug fixes, and app performance.


When developing a Community App or any other kind of application, it is essential first to understand how the app functions and its related features, among others. With such knowledge, you will appreciate the features to include during the development process, the approach of development, and even the budget associated with developing a simple, medium, or complex community app. In this piece, we have covered almost everything that entails building a community app, which sets you up and ready for your forthcoming Community App Development milestone.

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