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Common eCommerce Pitfalls

You have been waiting for that moment when your e-commerce website is in the right position. Finally, you have achieved the milestone. However, did you realize that you can experience some disappointments, especially when you don’t meet the sales target? This is a serious issue affecting many business owners since they cannot figure out where they went wrong. While the marketing plan, the market, and the products could be just fine, the main problems may arise from the website. This write-up features some of the common issues affecting the eCommerce sector and how you can avoid such mistakes as a business person.

The major problems affecting your e-commerce website and how to avoid them

A poorly designed page

Before you have an e-commerce website, you must ensure the website meets the customer’s needs & requirements. One of the major requirements of such a website is providing a desirable page design that will make the customers interested in your products.

So, what makes a good page design?

It is simple, make sure the page is relatable to the products you are offering, enticing, and clean. So, if your website isn’t meeting your expectations, the firsts step is to check the design and compare it with the competitor’s

The top e-commerce websites meet the user’s demands by using high-quality templates frond in the internet. These templates are easy to install and use.

Again, your potential clients don’t have the chance to touch and feel your products. As a result, it is significant to provide high-quality images for the products to enable the customers to make appropriate decisions.

Note: While including many audios, videos, and graphics may seem like a desirable move, do not make this mistake when enhancing your website. Some or many of your potential customers may find it overwhelming and feel like the content is simply too much. Instead, only focus on bringing out a desirable website with organized content (images, audio, and videos)

Inadequate information about the products

Once potential customers visit your e-commerce website, they want to quickly scan what you offer, and they want to understand the exact product you are offering.

So, when your website isn’t performing as you expect, ask yourself, does the homepage offer adequate information about the product?

Try and check your homepage and determine if you can easily comprehend what your website is all about. Again, you can quickly check top-performing e-commerce websites and see how they have described their products on the homepage.

The moment a client visits your page and has to spend a lot of time trying to figure out what you have to offer, they are likely to leave your website with no chance of re-checking. This will equate to poor sales performance. So, while listing product descriptions, ensure you elaborate well and that the clients can see the description the moment they visit your website.

A customer is likely to purchase the product instantly once they understand what you are offering.

Above all, customers want to know more ideas and concepts relating to the products you are offering. For instance, include crucial information such as payment methods, shipment plans, and return policies. This saves time as potential clients can make a viable decision instantly without having to visit similar websites. Importantly, the right eCommerce development company will avoid these common eCommerce pitfalls in order deliver the standard eCommerce site.

Poor site responsiveness

With the rise of technology, many people do their shopping from online platforms, and they use smart gadgets like smartphones and tablets to place orders for products.

While launching an e-commerce website is a viable idea, many people forget the significance of configuring their online business to make it easy for potential clients to use these devices. As a result, potential clients often experience negative interactions, making them not return to the same page.

So, avoid this mistake by ensuring your site is fully configured to meet different users’ requirements when purchasing the products.

Another factor that makes the site have poor responsiveness is the delayed loading time. As an e-commerce website owner, you need to review your website more often to ensure it is highly responsive.

While it may be hard to determine such problems, you can always consider using social media platforms to get feedback from your potential clients.

As soon as the customers share their concerns, make sure you address the issues early enough to keep creating good customer-relationship and building loyalty among the customers.

The personalization issue

While many e-commerce website owners do almost everything perfectly, the website doesn’t seem to generate the required revenue despite all the efforts. As a result, this becomes frustrating to online business owners.

Since you need your website to be on top of the competition, the goal is to provide personalized products that correspond to the needs and requirements of potential clients. So, personalization is the ultimate secret to creating brand awareness and improving overall sales returns.

Personalization may include ideas like appreciating the customers after making a purchase.

Fraudulent activities

Online businesses are always at risk, especially with fraud and related malpractices. Many customers are not only interested in placing orders but looking for ways to steal from other potential customers or even from you. Well, while putting up an e-commerce website, ensure you put measures to protect yourself and other clients.

But then, how do you manage and monitor such attacks from your website? There are many approaches and solutions to this.

For instance, you can opt to send verification emails and phone and voice verifications. This will ensure you closely monitor COD orders.

Again, credit card approvals should be implemented adequately. Should you note any suspicious activities on your website, report them to the relevant authorities with immediate effect

Above all, do not reveal many details about your customers. This will minimize your liability in the case you are breached.


Are you looking forward to creating your e-commerce website? Well, the goal is to stay on top of the market and make incredible and satisfying sales. However, the whole idea and concept might not be easy since there are many considerations to make. Many website owners experience downfall as a result of some basic mistakes described above. If your website isn’t corresponding adequately, try fixing the above issues, and you will note the difference.

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Originally published at on September 10, 2022.



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