Common Cloud Security Challenges and their Solutions

Cloud Security Challenges

In the current generation, the cloud has been a crucial ingredient for most worldwide enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, among more. Cloud computing is one of the significant computing areas that have seen the computing sector grow by a bigger deal. Therefore every industry, company, and institution looks forward to gaining the best out of technology. However essential it is, it comes with some of the challenges that need solutions. Some of the fundamental reasons behind the massive cloud usage by companies and SMBs are the flexibility and the extend it offers.

Research has shown that most companies and businesses relying on the cloud have an extra 26% growth rate whose profit hits a 21% rate. Thus, for this reason, most companies venture into the cloud with their increased desire for scalability, flexibility, agility, and, more importantly, resilience. In this post, we will zero down on the essential cloud security areas along with its frameworks. But before going deeper, let us understand the basics of cloud computing.

Basics of cloud computing

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The past 12 months have seen a busier business sector transiting to the cloud with more expectations of successful businesses. It, therefore, depicts the vitality of cloud services not only in companies. You’d be sure the cloud services span through different expansive dimensions. Even as a shift between physical businesses and cloud platforms occurs, it is essential to note that the transitions do not emerge fully. Why would the changes occur partly? It raises questions of concern. A partial change of workloads into the cloud would mean mistrust of partial dependency on the cloud for security purposes.

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Common cloud security challenges

Access to Cloud Data and Applications

Vendor Lock-In for Security Features

Compliance and Regulations

Cloud-Native Breaches

Organizational Challenges

Insider Threats

Insecure Application and Configurations

Inadequate Personnel Experienced in Cloud Security Measures

External Challenges

DDoS and Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks

Account Hijacking

API Attacks


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Originally published at on September 10, 2021.

Aalpha is specialist India based Software Solutions company providing solutions for Web and Mobile development,

Aalpha is specialist India based Software Solutions company providing solutions for Web and Mobile development,